My “Surf And Turf” Burger Recipe! My “52 In 22” Cooking Challenge Is Stacked!

Talk About A Wild Burger Mashup!

Let’s get right to this!

First, look at these ingredients,…hamburger. ASPARAGUS. Cherry tomatoes. LOBSTER. And PINEAPPLE.

Week #21 in my “52 In 22” cooking challenge makes a wild “Surf And Turf Burger” for Memorial Day Weekend!

Yes, this third stack of cookbooks was created strategically: I knew Memorial Day weekend was coming, so I stuck the terrific “Burger Bar” cookbook in the mix so I could make something unique for the holiday!

Chefs Keller and Wisner have a cookbook packed with unique takes on your everyday hamburger – and this one is a classic “surf and turf” variety!

I’ve never put asparagus on a burger before, and only used pineapple for “Pulp Fiction’s” famous “Big Kahuna Burger”. But this recipe calls for both, along with some of this:

Of course, you can buy a fresh Lobster and cook it yourself, but I just got these cooked claws and set them aside, ready to go.

To blanch the Asparagus, I just put them in water, brought to a boil, and cooked for just 3 minutes…then I set aside for later.

Next, I picked a fresh lemon from my tree outside and squeezed half of it into 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and mixed it together, added a pinch of salt to taste.

Sauce done! Now, prep your ingredients – I bought these pineapple rings ready to use, and a brioche bun as well:

I added salt and pepper to my hamburger, a 90/10 meat to fat ratio…I didn’t want it too juicy with all of the other ingredients…

I also didn’t add minced onion or any Worchester Sauce, which I normally do – again, with the unique flavor of asparagus, pineapple and lobster on the burger, those added flavors didn’t seem needed, especially with the lemon mayo!

Time To Grill!

I heated my outdoor grill and put the hamburger on first…after 6 minutes I flipped it, then added the pineapple and the brooch bun to toast for a minute…

I got nice grill marks on the pineapple, then put it on top of the burger for a minute, and now it was time to build a “burger base!”

I got nice, toasty grill marks on my bottom bun, and I slathered a healthy dollop of that lemon mayo on the bottom, then laid my blanched asparagus down next…

Sliced cherry tomatoes were next – yes, the recipe called for a nicely sliced large tomato, but I used what I had! Then, add the burger, pineapple and lay your lobster on top of it all!

I will pause here to say this is already a work of “burger art”…so many vibrant colors and flavors, just waiting for a top!

The Burger Bar “Surf And Turf” Burger!

There it is: almost six inches tall, with vibrant colors and an impressive look!

I love this burger’s look: the creamy lemon mayo and the crisp green asparagus; bright red tomato, a nice medium-rare burger patty with a hint of salt and Pepper, the yellow pineapple and the bright red lobster claw!

And the taste?

Great! I mean, the pineapple pops with a sweetness and the lobster and asparagus offer a nice depth of flavor to contrast that slight sweetness – you could eat this entire thing without the meat as well!

To serve, make sure the Lobster claws really protrude – a nice presentation touch as well!

Let’s stay on burgers of your Memorial Day weekend:

Here’s a classic cheeseburger, thanks to the iconic Taylor’s Refresher hamburger stand in Napa Valley, California, where I also found this!

Click here for my story of an epic “burger battle” in Napa wine country!

This “Sous Vide Lobster” dish is the most beautiful presentation I’ve done so far – even though the recipe took THREE DAYS to complete!

Click here to see why!

The French Laundry is one of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants – located in California’s Napa Valley:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-french-laundry.jpg

So far in my “52 In 22” cooking challenge, I have made everything from vegan eggplant rollups to a “Duck Pancetta Mustard” pie:

How did it turn out?

Click here for the recipe and the result!

And as for burgers, there are so many ways to cook up a storm:

Have you tried a cheese-dipped burger?

Here’s the recipe!

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  1. I left a comment on the other post, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. This looks delicious, John. I do like lobster.


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