A “Shogun” Burger! This Unique Tokyo Burger Has A Samurai Sword!

What A Unique And Impressive Burger!

You know how much I love burgers of all kinds, so when I come across one as impressive as this, I just have to share!

The Shogun Burger Restaurant in Shinjuku, a central district of Tokyo, had a limited time offer that is really too good to be true!

First, they serve 100-percent wagyu beef patties in their burgers – and so much more.

You see, right now there’s one more thing that comes with your burger:

Your Burger Is Served With A Samurai Sword!

It’s true – and it’s beyond cool!

Ace Reporter Oona McGee has the story from “SoraNews24.com” – the restaurant has come up with a limited time only promotion – buy a burger, fries and drink and get a real samurai sword with it:

“Two varieties of sword are available: the Oda Nobunaga model (top) and the Tokugawa Ieyasu model (bottom).”

And This Isn’t Some “Fake” Shogun Giveaway!

I’m seriously begging anyone I know in Japan to get me one of these, because they are so cool!

As Reporter McGee writes, these swords are IMPRESSIVE!

“The swords served at Shogun Burger are noticeably smaller than usual samurai swords, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less impressive, as each one has been made using traditional swordsmithing techniques.”

I’m in! And as for the burger, McGee writes:

“It’s called the Honnoji no Hen Burger, named after Honnoji no Hen, or “The Honnoji Incident“, which was the forced suicide of daimyo Oda Nobunaga by his samurai general Akechi Mitsuhide in 1582.”

Well, I don’t usually equate forced suicide with a burger and fries, but with this promotion I’m open to anything! The Wagyu patty is slathered with a soy/wasabi glaze, then topped with seaweed strips and gold flakes!

In addition, you can see that along with lettuce, there is a bit of CREAM CHEESE on there as well!

McGee points out that, while the burger is always for sale, the sword giveaway is a limited time offer:

“The set, which costs 4,300 yen (US$39.11) and includes a Honnoji Incident burger or cheeseburger, a drink and fries, and the miniature sword, can only be acquired via reservation on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake.”

I love Oona McGee’s stories: she is always uncovering unique Asian delights for us!

It surprised me how much the Japanese loved burgers, and I tried many of them…but remember how I made a “surf and turf” burger for my “52 In 22” cooking challenge?

This was a mouthful, click here to see how I made it so you can try it at home!

As for that Samurai burger – the Japanese really know how to celebrate their food…remember the Wagyu Burger I had there?

Yes, when Alex and I were there I headed to Lotteria, who makes a Wagyu Burger – and that one had my name on it!

Click my story to see more about this delicious meal – and our trip to discover plastic food like this triple decker burger:

Yes, I bought plastic food in Tokyo and I’m glad I did! See it here:

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Leave a comment with your thoughts – who wants to join me in Tokyo for a Samurai Burger?

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4 replies

  1. Michael would love this sword, John. The burger looks good too.

  2. That was an great offer, John. Very reasonably priced to include that lovely little sword too. It would make a nice letter-opener. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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