Bite Into The “Donair!” Nova Scotia’s Uniquely Delicious 6 Pound Meal!

Anyone Want A Six Pound Donair?

Hey, who wants to head to Nova Scotia with me to take on this BIG BIG BIG meal?

Before anyone objects, this is not for one person – we have to have a food party for all of us!

Doesn’t that look great? I would love to bite down on this donair, wouldn’t you? What? You have a question?

Um, What Is A “Donair?”

Good question! The “Donair” is a uniquely Nova Scotia dish – and for those who don’t have a globe nearby – I do by the way – Nova Scotia is the easternmost of Canada’s ten provinces, north of Maine. describes the origin of the donair:

“In the early 70’s, a Greek restaurateur in the city of Halifax introduced the Donair. Within a few short years, virtually all pizzerias had added their version of the dish to their menus. Not to be confused with gyros, the Donair has a vastly different flavor.”

Now, You Can Bite Down On Six Pounds Of It!

According to the “” website, a restaurant in Nova Scotia is giving you the chance to eat six pounds of Donair – and of course there’s a prize attached:

“It’s six pounds of roasted meat, tomatoes, onions and sweet garlic sauce atop a pizza-sized pita – and so far no one has been able to eat it all.

Alexandra’s Pizza in Sydney, N.S., has been challenging people to devour its massive donair, but no one has finished it after 17 attempts in the last five months.

Up for grabs is a year of free pizza or donairs, $500 to a local charity of their choice, and a photo on the pizza shop’s wall-of-fame.”

Well, do you think you could handle all of this?

Each donair costs $59!

Thanks to my Canadian friend Sly LaCroix for sharing this with me! He knows that I love these “mega meal” stories, and have shared them before, like this one:

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Let me know if you’ve ever had a “Donair!”

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2 replies

  1. We call that meat ‘Doner’ over here, and it is very popular. But I haven’t seen it on a pizza, and I definitely could not eat one weighing 6 pounds! 🙂
    (I would like to try though!)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Eating “Threads Of God!” Terrific “Gastro Obscura” Book Is Atlas Obscura’s Delicious New Food/Travel Guide! – Bite! Eat! Repeat!

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