Check Out This “Bread Sandwich” – Bite Into The “Simit-Pogacha” From Gastro Obscura’s Terrific Book!

Behold This “Bread Sandwich!”

OK, let’s get the obvious question out of the way:

“Is there REALLY such a thing as a ‘bread sandwich’?”

Well, there is and it’s called a “Simit-Pogacha”!

Bite Into A Carb-Lover’s Dream!

Yes, it’s a very unique sandwich – because this sandwich gets stuffed with flaky pie crust.

Simit-pogacha” is a beloved breakfast food in Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of North Macedonia. Bakers slice open a bun, stuff it with “burek”—a pastry crust of layered phyllo—and serve as a sandwich. No meat, no cheese, no sauce. Just bread.

The terrific book Gastro Obscures explain more:

“Burek is typically stuffed with feta cheese, greens, or meat. However, the burek that goes into simit-pogacha is just the plain, flaky crust. Depending on where you buy it, the crust can be housed inside sesame buns or warm, fluffy rolls. Either way, diners almost always wash down the greasy, comforting carb combo with drinking yogurt.”

They go on to add:

“If you leave Skopje without at least trying simit-pogacha, you’re missing the city’s soul. The sandwich doesn’t have much flavor and can be dry without the lubrication of the yogurt, but its comforting carb-on-carb composition makes it a morning must for many Skopje citizens.”

Bravo once again to Gastro Obscura!

credits – gastro obscura

This is the incredible spinoff book by the “Atlas Obscura” folks – that book is a worldwide tour of what we love about this planet we live on, and they took that idea and put it towards all things food!

I love both books and recommend them highly!

I made a unique bread dish last year:

I made Chef Dominique Crenn’s “Unity” bread – for a great cause and it tastes great too!

See the recipe and more here:

As much as I love bread, I am also open to other ways to enjoy a sandwich:

How about a “ramen bun?”

I tried it and it was sublimely here to see how they do it!

I also shared my ten mile trek to find one of New York’s most iconic sandwiches:

It’s called a “chop cheese” and if you click here you can see why it was worth the walk!

Hope you are hungry – because here’s a very filling sandwich with a celebrated history!

Here’s a Provencal Pan Bagnat that is deliciously filling and has quite a history!

Click here for the recipe and more!

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10 replies

  1. I suppose this is similar to a sandwich stuffed with chips which is also all carbs and a ‘poor man’s’ meal. I am having a go at making spanakopita tomorrow.

  2. I agree with Robbie it probably is similar to a chip butty as we call it…I absolutely love that book it is one of my best presents ever 🙂

  3. I might give this one a miss, John. It sounds like it might be very dry in the mouth.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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