Here’s Your Valentine’s Day “Bacon Roses” Recipe! “Love Burgers” Too! Heart-Shaped Pizzas! The Best Valentine’s Day Treats!

Love Is In The Air! Celebrate Valentine’s Day With “Bacon Roses” and “Love Burgers”!

It’s my annual Valentine’s Day treat: the most delicious ways to say “I LOVE YOU” to that special person in your life!

Let’s begin with this perfectly shaped Valentine’s Day burger!


Behold The “LOVEBURGER!”

It surely is a burger to love: a nicely formed heart-shaped patty and bun that says “I love you!” And why not?

It’s not difficult to mold your favorite cheeseburger into a “love burger”!

Simply baked rolls that you form into a heart shaped, then slice in half and voila a “love bun!”

Cook two heart shaped patties, add some melty cheese and a bed of lettuce…I add pickles, onion, tomat and bacon – because it’s Valentine’s Day – and it’s “love in a bun!”

It’s just one of the many “tasty ways” to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Behold The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift – BACON!

There are all kinds of sexy ways to say “I love you” this Valentine’s day – like this amazingly creative use of bacon!

heart shaped bacon

I knew I was “overdue on bacon”, so I put on my “INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER” cap and did some delicious digging for you: and I found the recipe for bacon roses!

unique bacon gifsts bacon roses

I found this on the great website “TheDailyBacon”…and they posted a recipe for how to win your lover’s heart – through the magic of bacon:

Make Your Own Bacon Roses!

You’ll need: bacon, fake flowers, a muffin tin, toothpicks and tinfoil.

unique bacon roses

1. Soak the toothpicks in water (this keeps them from charring in the oven). Defrost the bacon. Line the muffin tin with foil. Turn the oven up to 400 degrees.

2. Roll the bacon to look like a rosebud, then stick two toothpicks in the bottom to hold it together.

Bacon-Roses recipe

3. Place the bacon rosebuds in the muffin spaces. The toothpicks should keep them from touching the bottom — you need that space for fat drippings.

4. Put the bacon in the oven. Cook 25-30 minutes.

bacon rose bouquet

5. Deconstruct the fake flowers. Pull the entire thing apart, get rid of the petals and put the stem back together.

bacon roses

6. Let the bacon cool, remove the toothpicks and stick the bacon bud onto the plastic stem. Voilà! Salty, crunchy flowers.

bacon roses

I love how simple and fun this is…not sure I can make scrambled eggs in a heart shape, but I will try anything!

If bacon’s not your thing – although I’ll never understand why – you can also have Giordano’s pizza in Chicago make you this:

heart shaped giordano's pizza

Open a nice bottle of red and call it a tasty night! Or, go to Marks & Spencer and buy some of their unique Valentine’s Day gifts:

Yes, a cucumber grown in a special mold so it looks like a heart! They also offer up a sausage shaped like a heart:

See more of these Valentine’s Day treats here:

Here’s another delicious way to celebrate the day – with “Chocolate For Breakfast!”

I made chocolate tacos and baked eggs – using the recipe from my close friend Barbara Passino – click here to see it and find out more about her terrific cookbook!

You can also make these delicious “love bites” as well:

These “caviar deviled eggs” are great – or put some on tater tots as well!

See all of those recipes here:

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Have a delicious Valentine’s Day!

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  1. wow, so many creative valentines, so little time )

  2. These are inventive and fun, John. But I think we will stick with just exchanging cards today. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  1. Here’s Your Valentine’s Day “Bacon Roses” Recipe! “Love Burgers” Too! Heart-Shaped Pizzas! The Best Valentine’s Day Treats! — Bite! Eat! Repeat! – johnrieber

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