Seared Sea Scallops Served Over Zucchini-Garlic Succotash! Here’s My Recipe For Scallop Heaven!

Digging Into These Plump Seared Scallops!

Like many of you, I love love love to cook – and that means experimenting with food mashups as well!

I came up with this alternative to the standard “Sea Scallops Over Mashed Potatoes” dish, and wanted to share…first, it all begins with big, meaty Scallops!

Time To Make A Seared Sea Scallop Succotash!

Here’s how I made this dish!

To get started, you have to rinse the scallops, pat them dry and salt and pepper them – I let them sit out for a few minutes to dry, and I headed to the next part of the recipe:

My Version Of Succotash!

The official description of Succotash is corn and lima beans…but I say, it’s Succotash my way!

If I was putting the Scallops on top of mashed potatoes in a more traditional way, then I would make garlic mashed potatoes using butter, but instead, I am going to sauté chopped garlic in olive oil for a few minutes…

Next up, dice one large Zucchini and add it to the garlic, with a bit of basil added, along with some salt and pepper…as for the portions it’s all to taste, you know what you like:

Finally I add some corn and cooked rice…I made the rice separately, so all I have to do is just bring all of it to life in the pan together for about five minutes…

Once it’s time to serve, I put my Succotash in a shallow larger size bowl as my base, and then it’s time to make the Scallops!

Heat butter in a frying pan to medium high, then put the Scallops in with room to move around a bit!

After 2-3 minutes, turn them over and let them go for the same amount of time. 

It’s when you turn them over and you get the best smell – and sound of your meal!

Then, it’s time to plate the dish:

Wipe off the lip of the plate, add a bit of fresh basil over the top if you have any – I was out, and it’s time to dig in!

You can also make a Lemon/white wine/butter sauce as well, but you don’t need it – that said, I did make it because the rice soaks it up deliciously!

I love the look, smell and taste of pan-seared scallops…and as part of last year’s “52 In 22” cooking challenge, I made scallops three ways!

Little did I know when I started that one way would be BLUE!

Click here to see two great scallop recipes and one “turning blue” disaster!

I’ve been trying to have some fun with food, and that includes eating lots of seafood and trying to cook “Downton Abbey” style!

I made a “Seafood Newburg” from the unofficial cookbook, and if you click here to can see how it turned out:

I also cooked a “scalloped” dish, but it was an incredibly rich potato dish!

It was the “joy of cooking” to be sure!

Click here for the recipe!

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5 replies

  1. I love scallops and these look delicious, John 🙂

  2. I would love to eat this, but would replace the courgettes with something else, as I don’t like them. Sadly, Scallops are almost becoming unaffordable here now, as they are ridiculously expensive to buy.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. This is a delicious looking recipe, John.


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