“Teriyaki Burger” Corn Puffs! They Really Make ’em! I Ate ’em! Here’s Proof!

Time To Bite Down On This!

You are looking at one of the most unique and delicious snack items – from Japan of course – thanks to LA’s Fujiya market!

On LA’s west side, in a neighborhood known as “Little Osaka”, there is a great grocery store called Fujiya – they sell all sorts of unique products from Japan, including these corn puff snacks!

Aside from having a very colorful wrapper, they also have a wide variety of flavors – yes, you can buy a corn puff snack that is Teriyaki Burger flavored!

They are sold in packs of 30 – very colorful packs as you can see – and they come in a variety of flavors, but since it’s all in Japanese, good luck trying to guess – so a taste test is in order!

I bought my son Jeff two different flavors – one was Teriyaki Burger, and one was fried chicken – they also had a dozen other flavors, so your options are endless!

The only english on the package is the nutritional information, and you can see they aren’t bad for you – just a delicious snack!

I had to try one of each – first, if you’ve had Pirate’s Booty, you know the mouth feel of this corn puff – light as air, a bit crunchy but with no “there there”, and in this case dusted with a mildly sweet and savory teriyaki meat flavor!

A few bites and you are finished, they are light as air, so they are not filling – which is a good thing – and they aren’t heavily dusted with seasoning, like some flavored potato chips are…all in all a tasty, inexpensive treat, since a bag of 30 costs under $4!

I give these flavored corn puff logs a thumbs up!

Fujiya used to have an incredible collection of another candy as well – until that candy’s US distributor complained!

Check Out These Wild Kit Kat Flavors!

Yes, Fujiya used to have green tea kit kats among many others, but apparently the US distributor of Kit Kats complained about foreign versions, so they are no longer for sale at the store!

Of course, Japan is legendary for making something taste like something else – for example, how about Kit Kats that are shrimp-flavored? Or baked potato? Creamed Corn perhaps?

Or on a pizza?

They all exist! Click here to see them all:

Japan has a way to making every food unique – even their burgers tower above the rest of the world – just in terms of creativity!

Build Your Own Burger!

Yes, in Tokyo you can make your own burger an stack it as high as you want, some folks did just that! See some of Japan’s wildest burgers and their “good luck food” here:

Japan is home to so many creative Chefs, who like to create things like this: a burger with a meat bun!

Of course you want to know what in this unique burger – click here to see it all:

I love all kinds of unique burgers – like these from White Manna burger in Hackensack New Jersey:

Check out how they cook these:

You can see what I ordered – and how it tasted – by clicking on my story here:

I also shared this look at a cheeseburger with the cheese on the outside!

See all of those recipes by clicking here:

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11 replies

  1. i would try every flavor of the cheese puffs as i love crunchy savory snacks!! and something i’d like to try about the kit-kat pizza

  2. A Teryaki burger sounds perfect, not so sure about flavoured corn puffs though. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I’ve not see these here. I’m sure they would be very popular, people love corn puffs.


  1. “Teriyaki Burger” Corn Puffs! They Really Make ’em! I Ate ’em!— Bite! Eat! Repeat! – johnrieber

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