Caviar On Deviled Eggs! Caviar Tater Tots! “Bite! Eat! Repeat!” Is Back! Here Are Details On “52 Recipes” For 2022!

Caviar recipes

52 Cookbooks! 52 Recipes! A Tasty 2022 Is Here!

My friend, Chef Ross Melling once shared an amazing food mashup with me: a caviar-topped deviled egg. “Eggs On Eggs” is how he referred to it…originally created for Thomas Keller’s Bouchon restaurant in Napa Valley, now served at his Regis Ova Caviar bar in Yountville:

best caviar recipes

It’s a pleasure to watch great Chefs Like Melling at work, and it inspired me to bring this food blog back with a solo purpose:

52 Recipes From 52 Cookbooks Over 52 Weeks!

Yes, this picture shows the first ten cookbooks I will be utilizing – and the first recipe will drop tomorrow – Thursday, January 6, 2022!

All year long, I will post a dish I have created from scratch from one of my favorite cookbooks, and it may even be something like this!

caviar tater tot

Time To Celebrate Amazing Culinary Mashups!

How about a tater tot topped with creme fraiche and caviar!

I love caviar, and I love tater tots, so this is a great great thing…peer upon it again:

caviar tater tot

The flavors of potato and caviar just sound right – and I found another example of this mashup as well, this time with caviar anchoring one end of a french fry:

caviar french fries

And it reminded me that I once posted a story about this unique potato/caviar combo from Russia of course – the caviar flavored potato chip!

caviar flavored potato chip

You can read all about this russian delicacy by clicking on here:

Sometimes the best food takes simple flavors and combines them in a unique way…and in America, perhaps there is nothing “simpler” than this combo:

Our Dinner Party. Theme was breakfast.

Bacon And Egg Cups!

As you can see, this would be the greatest way to start your day! It all begins when you make yourself one of these:

bacon cup

A bacon cup is a thing of beauty, and you make them easily by draping bacon over an inverted cupcake mold…

bacon cups

Then you do a baked egg dish with the bacon acting as your “cup” and you are on your way! It’s just one way to enjoy an “incredible edible egg!”

egg tower

Eggs are so versatile, I like them on salads, in noodle soups, and of course, on pizza!


Here are some other amazing taste sensations: imagine a spanish tapas that combines fresh baby squid and chickpeas:

Cal Pep baby squid dish

This delicious dish is served at Barcelona’s legendary tapas restaurant “Cal Pep”:

Cal Pep Barcelona

It’s just one of a dozen memorable bites we had when we visited, and you can read all about the meal by clicking here:

And of course, if you don’t feel like a bacon-wrapped baked egg, you can always make yourself a “Bacon shell taco!”

Bacon taco shell

And please don’t forget about my all time favorite food item – one that has made me re-think what it means to call something “dessert”:

bacon oreo

The “Bacon Oreo!”

Yes, it’s the most majestic food item of all time – take some crispy bacon and nestle it right between those Oreo cookies, held in place by the silky frosting….what could be better than that?

Well, this for starters…

“Bacon Bowl” Salad!

Bacon Bowl Salad

There you have it, a nice healthy salad – and you get to eat the bowl as well! Now all you need is a bacon Martini!

Bacon Martini

EVERYONE seems to be serving bacon in drinks these days, but this thing of beauty is from a restaurant in Montreal that is “ALL BACON ALL THE TIME” – read about them here:

I will e posting stories about unique food, my favorite food travels, and lots and lots of recipes, beginning on January 6th, when I share the first recipe form one of these books!

If you want to be part of this, please sign up and receive emails when ever I post!

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Caviar recipes

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  1. A great idea John looking forward to seeing what you cook 👨‍🍳

  2. The bacon and egg cups look splendid, John. I also love both. Caviar, not so much! I’m not the biggest fish fan in the world.


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