Have You Made “Pizza Lasagna?” Here’s The Recipe For My Leftover Pizza Mashup!

Who Wants Pizza? Who Wants Lasagna? Who wants BOTH AT ONCE?

This is a story of leftovers. If the food was delicious when you first ate it, why can’t it be just as good the next day?

That is the question I answered when I woke up to this:

My Leftover “Pizza Lasagna” Adventure!

It all begn, as most food madadventures do, with leftovers.


One day, things got away from us, so we ordered two different style pizzas….

As you can see, they were large.  Very large.

So, that meant LEFTOVERS.

The next day, the idea of re-heating these slices didn’t appeal to me, and I started thinking about what to do with them.

Here’s how it all began:

If you watched the video, you saw that I found these leftover ingredients in the refrigerator, and it struck me:  the thin pizza slices looked like lasagna noodles…so what if I formed and trimmed these pieces and made a lasagna out of them, with the slices layered like noodles?

I started by making sauce, because it would need some moisture, I was sure of it!

Here’s how that went:

I now had a thick and flavorful lasagna sauce ready to go!

As for the pizza, as you can see, it was loaded up with toppings!

I sliced some of the excess dough from the pizza bottom and then stacked them like lasagna noodles – here’s how the slicing went:

I cut the pizza so the slices were uniform – was I re-thinking any of this? Too late for that!

It was time to build my lasagna:

Here is one more look at how I layered it all together:

Here’s how it looked right before it went into the oven – note I pressed it together a bit so there were fewer air pockets in the middle:

After baking for 45 minutes, I took it out of the oven – by this time my wife Alex had gotten home so she filmed the whole thing – with her signature interviewing technique on display:

And here’s how it looks after I cut a slice:

Hey, not bad!

In fact, it even looks like a lasagna, albeit one with very thick noodles:

The best part? It tasted great!

The dough wasn’t too thick to enjoy, and the flavors of the pizza – helped by the extra sauce – came back to life perfectly – I mean, I may not ever do this again – but I could!

Did I solve my “leftover” dilemma – not sure, but I did manage to use the pizza in a different way – it tasted good and was a fun experiment to be sure…and you know how I am with experiments in the kitchen:

Remember these “spaghetti-stuffed meatball poppers?”

Well, they are delicious and here is how to make them:

This may be the most unusual food mashup I ever attempted – again using pasta:

Yes, I impales hot dog chunks on dry spaghetti and here’s what happened when I did:

Here is the easy recipe:

And of course, if you REALLY want to impress your friends:

It’s a “Timpano” and it’s incredible!

See the entire recipe here:

If you like what you see, please click on my link and follow this blog as well!


Let me know how creative you like to get with your food!

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12 replies

  1. John, I have to say that I might never cook this, but I would definitely join you to eat it! Well done, my friend.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Brilliant! I love making things with leftovers and this was such a great idea. Well done!!

  3. I love to use up all leftovers and this is brilliant!

  4. Yum! I love both pizza and lasagna–but that leftover pizza did look a bit dry. Very smart, my friend. Mashups in my kitchen: probably leftover stir-fry with leftover meatballs or half a hamburger (I try not to waste anything!). My English friend introduced me to stir-fries with ground meet–I’d always used strips or pieces–and it’s so “nice,” as she’d say. OK, now I’m in the mood for Italian though. Making pizza tonight!


  1. Have You Made “Pizza Lasagna?” Here’s The Recipe For My Leftover Pizza Mashup! — Bite! Eat! Repeat! – johnrieber

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