Spaghetti-Stuffed Hot Dogs! Amazing Food Tricks!

Time For Some Amazing Food Magic!

hot-dog-best recipes

Behold The Iconic Hot Dog!

It’s a weiner in a bun, that much we know…but it is also so much more…such a BLT dog…

BLT Hot Dog

Or perhaps a hot dog served at a McDonald’s in Asia…

McDonalds hot dog

And speaking of Asia, there is even a “fish” hot dog for sale there…

fish dog hot dog

Yes, the world of the hot dog is full of mystery and surprise…but:

The World Of Hot Dog Cooking Is About To Change Forever!

Sure, our minds were blown when we saw a bacon-wrapped hot dog being cooked on a street corner in Seoul, South Korea:

Bacon wrapped Seoul hot dogs

And of course, the “spiral” dog took hot dog cookery to an entirely NEW, TWISTY level of hot doggery:

Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

RocketNews24 Strikes AGAIN!

Leave it to the masterminds at the website “RocketNews24” to find a new, utterly amazing hot dog cooking technique:

The Spaghetti Hot Dog!

unique hot dog recipe

Here is how RocketNews24 got interested in pursuing hot dog mania:

“For thousands of years the human race has been plagued by pasta toppings. Cheeses, sauces and spices were fine but bulkier toppings like mushrooms or sausage would often tumble to the bottom of the bowl or dish leaving a pile of cold mush at the end. All that time we have search for a way to achieve fusion between topping and pasta but to no avail.”

spaghetti recipe

As you can see, the Writers at RocketNews24 were perplexed….until:

“But now, a daring scientist discovered that if one were to gather several dry pieces of spaghetti, they can successfully penetrate the hotdog matrix. Hotdogs have long been the first choice of fusion topping since they could cook in boiling water during the same time as the pasta!”

unique hot dog recipe

Ok folks, this is brilliant! Because, IF you can thread a hot dog with strand of spaghetti – and by the look from the photo – WHY CAN’T YOU? – then, you can take a hot dog and infuse it with spaghetti to come up with this!

spaghetti hot dogs

I mean, this is GENIUS! Congrats to the RocketNews24 folks for more food greatness!

I HAVE to do this – I mean, for those of you with kids, how much fun would this be at a party?

Look at the future of “food fun!”


Let me know if you are crazy enough to try this, and again, kudos to RocketNews24!

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