Curious About A “Setouchi Lemon Tartar Bacon Teritama”? McDonald’s Wildest Burgers Hit Japan!

McDonald’s Unveils Their “Teritama!”

I love Japan. And I love wacky food. So of course, this latest story from is a must read!

As they report:

In Japan, the long-awaited arrival of spring comes with a flurry of sakura-themed food in stores, and over at McDonald’s they celebrate with a burger called the Teritama.

An amalgamation of the words “teriyaki” and “tamago” (“egg”), the Teritama is usually accompanied by a few new seasonal menu items, and that’s the case again this year, with the latest burger companion being the Setouchi Lemon Tartar Bacon Teritama.

Here it is:

It’s just one of the new burgers they unveiled in Japan and I wish I was there to try one…here’s another:

SoraNews24 describes it this way:

The Setouchi Lemon Tartar Bacon Teritama (480 yen) features a special tartar sauce made with finely chopped lemon from Setouchi, Japan’s premier lemon-producing region. The citrus tang adds a refreshing zing to the pork patty, bacon, pickles, egg and onions in the burger.

See more of their terrific story here:

I regularly share links to SoraNews24 stories, because they love food and cover the Asian market like no other!

I shared their story of the wildest regional burgers in Japan and you can see them here:

And what about this?

It’s a burger that comes with a mini-samurai sword!

See it here:

As for that Samurai burger – the Japanese really know how to celebrate their food…remember the Ramen Bun Burger I had there?


See how they make it and why it’s so good here:

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7 replies

  1. my favorite here is the one with the mini Samuri sword! the japanese just keep outdoing themselves with food innovations – they are absolutely fearless

  2. I’m not sure about a ‘lemon zing’ in a burger. But I would happily try one to find out if I liked it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I’m with Beth I prefer the samurai sword one but I would try the lemon just to say I had but I do like lemon so maybe I would I’m sure they will be here soon if not already 🙂

    • I hope people know that I share these because they are unique and not suggesting the quality at all…that said, the samurai one is certainly cool isn’t it? Thanks so much for the comment!

  4. I think they do, John and they are what they are but different and even if you take just one bite like me I love to try something that’s different and unique it’s fun 🙂


  1. Thursday Thoughts…9th March 2023…Hersheys Chocolate Burger, 42nd Street plus Processed Food v Industrially Manufactured Foods. | Retired? No one told me!

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