Bite Into This Avocado Tiramisu Cake! Here’s The Recipe For Japan’s Newest Taste Sensation!

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Who Wants An Avocado Dessert Cake?

Well, apparently everyone in Japan does, because this new dessert is selling out! had the story, reporting:

“We know how great avocado is in salads, sandwiches and especially on toast, but have you ever thought to have it as a dessert? We certainly hadn’t, so when we heard that local sweets chain Café comme ça was selling an Avocado Tiramisu Cake, we immediately knew we had to pay them a visit.”

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This dessert features Mango, Banana and whipped cream heaped on top of a golden crusty pie shell…and boy, does it look great!

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Bravo to and Reporter Oona McGee for the story – click here to see all of her great reporting and the entire creative team always have great stories about all things Asia – meanwhile, I have started a “52 In 22” cooking challenge, featuring recipes like this:

This “Crispy Mollet Egg With Asparagus” almost cracked me! click here for the recipe and how I almost failed spectacularly!

I love to share unique recipes and the creative Chefs behind them – like this:

A “Caviar Deviled Egg” is a thing of beauty and delicious too! See more about this dish, and my cooking plans for 2022 by clicking here:

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