Have You Made “Bacon Foam?” IO Did! Behold The “Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Egg!” Here’s My Recipe For Disaster!

Behold The Majesty Of A Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Egg!

Here’s a cross section of an amazing dish: a perfectly poached egg nestled inside a bacon-wrapped avocado!

And yes, I made this! Well, not THIS one – this is a photo from the internet – someone sent me a video from Thrillist where they wow you with a great “making of” video – so I thought:

“I can do it too!”

And so I did….not to give anything away, but – well – it resulted in bacon foam!

“Bacon Foam”…Is That Part Of The Recipe?

I think we all know the answer to that question: of course not! So how did I end up with it?

Well, I will show you the process for making this dish, and I will share some pictures and video that show how it went so, so wrong…

Let’s get started, and it does start so deceivingly easy:

I gathered up my ingredients, and in hindsight I should have seen disaster coming just from what is in this picture – more on that in a second.

I eyeballed the “Thrillist” recipe – there really aren’t that many steps – and I got underway – I began by simmering my eggs for six minutes, which helped the white solidify without cooking the yolk inside…

I put the eggs in ice water to stop the cooking process, then cut my avocados in half and “skinned” them:

After “shelling” my eggs, I felt I was in charge of the whole situation…now all I had to do is make a slightly deeper hole in each half of the avocados, and lay the eggs inside – looks good…now, time to wrap them in bacon!

Happy Face!

At this point, it appeared that my Avocado was smiling – and why not? It’s being smothered with bacon love!

As you can see, it SEEMED easy – but I was a bit worried at this point by two things: first, the bacon itself wasn’t as long as it should have been, and it was also adding a LOT of bulk to the dish…and that is where my original photo came back to haunt me:

You see, I used “thick cut” bacon – so it’s not as long as normal bacon, and much thicker – making it more difficult to wrap a piece around the avocado lengthwise – which you are supposed to do in order to “seal in” the avocado…

Now, time to cook! Watch a minute of the cooking – and you will see a problematic trend:

You see the problem – I didn’t have a good “seal” on the avocado, which immediately began to “peek” out from the bacon, because the bacon was too thick to adhere to the avocado properly…

A Green Bacon-Wrapped Ice Cream Cone!

As you can see, the bacon started falling away, leaving me something that looks like a pistachio ice cream cone!

And do you see how there are bits of yellow in the pan? That’s because one of the avocado came apart and the egg broke, sending you into the bacon fat – which leads to:

Bacon Foam!

Yes, here’s what began to happen: the egg yolk crated a creamy, foamy “bath” inside the frying pan – the bacon cooked just fine, it just seemed – well – THIS:

As you can see, one of my “bacon-wrapped egg-stuff avocados” came completely apart – I was left with two halves of avocado sitting in a pool of bacon-and-egg foam – the other one held together just enough to allow me to top it with a poached egg:

A Taste Treat!

It’s true: bacon, egg and avocado together are a taste treat – I just completely botched the making of this – I do think that one of the bacon-wrapped avocados ALMOST turned out OK, but I clearly need to try this again, because I really love avocado…

This is an incredible avocado tiramisu…click here to see the recipe!

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2 replies

  1. I think you did okay, John. It was a tricky recipe to pull off. Not something I would eat, as I do not like the texture of avocado.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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