The “All-Black” Cheeseburger! “Bacon-Tongue” Burgers! Burger King Goes Mad!

The “All Black” Cheeseburger!

Yes, it’s a social media sensation!

burger king black burger

Burger King Japan made big big news when they showcased their latest, craziest burger – the all-black cheeseburger! But remember, this is a group known for wacky!

A “Black Tongue” Burger?~!?!?!?!

black burger king licking

Ok, relax: it’s NOT made with black tongue…it’s bacon that has been placed strategically on the burger to look like a tongue! And it’s placed on a black bun, too! Burger King never let’s up!

Behold The “Kuro Ninja!”

This is Burger King’s new Japanese burger masterpiece: it’s the “Kuro Ninja,” a burger with a black bun and long, thick strip of bacon protruding out of the sides, looking like, well, a tongue!

Burger King's tongue burger

“Kuro Ninja,” a burger with a black bun and long, thick strip of bacon protruding out of the side…in the case of this pic, out of both.

The burger also comes with “wide-size” hash browns, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, and a blackish brown Chaliapin sauce. The “Kuro Ninja” will be on sale starting October 25 for 680 yen (US$6.93).

japanese ninja burger

But Wait! There’s More!

Yes, Burger King couldn’t stop with the “black bun”, they had to go to the “All Black” Burger! It’s a burger with black cheese as well!

burger king black burger

NariNari reports that Burger King Japan is rolling out another “Kuro Burger” (“Black Burger”), with buns made from bamboo charcoal, an onion and garlic sauce made with squid ink, beef patties made with black pepper, and black cheese, which is also apparently made with bamboo charcoal.

Yes, Black Cheese!

burger king black burger

Kudos once again to the great investigative reporters at Rocketnews24 for reporting on this first! Now, black buns are nothing new in Japan, here is a Burger King black bun burger without the tongue:

burger king black bun burger

The “Black Big Mac!”

And Burger King isn’t alone with the black bun concept. Here is a japanese Big Mac that also utilizes a black bun…


And Don’t Forget The “BIG STACKS!”

And let’s not forget some of Burger King’s other Japanese classics! The fast food chain is always offering something new and unqiue in Japan, and that ALWAYS leads to an inventive use of their food…remember these?

Burger King grilled onion burger

And of course, the “1,000 slices of cheeese” cheeseburger – with video!

world's biggest cheeseburger slices

And of course, we can never forget THIS Bacon Cheeseburger from Burger King Japan:


Just click on the link to see the world’s most amazing bacon cheeseburger EVER!

All of this huge food is making me hungry enough to lick that “tongue burger”! Let me know what you think!

black burger king licking

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