Hangover Burgers! The Burganator! Bite Down On Monster Burgers!

the roadhog burger

Burger Lovers!

Yes, that’s a burger you see staring at you, and it’s just the tip of 2014’s wacky burger iceberg! Gone are the days when THIS is considered exotic:

best cheeseburger in the world

Because in this new era of monster food, it’s a whole new year, and there is new burger madness to share! Sure, we all love the goodness you see above, but what if a regular, albeit delicious, double cheeseburger just isn’t enough? After all, we are now in an era when you can add THIS to anything:

baconaise products

Now ANYTHING can be bacon flavored! And of course, the world of burgers just keeps getting more and more unique…

“Turning Japanese!”

Because once you’ve had one of my Japanese wasabi avocado sliders – well, let’s just say the world looks different from over there:

wild burger recipes

So, although New Year’s Eve is barely past us, some of us already need a drink and a bite to eat…or perhaps you just need one of these:

“The Hangover Burger!”

Hangover burger recipe

Thanks to Giant Orange in Sacramento, California, you can enjoy their Hangover Burger for $10.99 – you get a big burger patty topped with a farm-fresh fried egg, grilled onions, Cheddar cheese and crisp hardwood-smoked bacon; garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles.

Three bites and you are no doubt drinking again! But maybe you need more…

Behold The “Burganator!”

the burganator

Wow, the mad geniuses at Stonefly Brewery in Milwaukee came up a masterpiece: it’s “The Burganator”, where great slabs of bacon are topped first by a burger, then by onion rings, and then drizzled with a beer cheese sauce…wait, I already hear my arteries hardening!

This is just one of twelve unique burger toppings that the great minds at “A Hamburger Today” have to share here:


But don’t think the US has a lock on massive:

Behold The “Queensland Burger!”

huge bacon cheeseburger

Well, that’s just a whole lot of stuff piled up and put between two buns…and it sure looks good, doesn’t it?

Thanks to the great website “Thisiswhyyourehuge.com” for sharing this photo. If you don’t go there for all of their shared material, you are missing a lot of great food madness!

After so much big food, let’s check out something a bit healthier, thanks to the Mediterranean diet:

lamb burger recipe

“My Big Fat Greek Burger!”

Well, what can you say about this: it’s a beautiful Lamb burger with grilled red onion, feta, bell pepper yogurt, tomato and greens – delicious looking, and according to a fat dude, it’s good for you, too…

world's best lamb burger

And the fat dude shows you step-by-step how to cook it, too! I saw this on the “thisiswhyyourehuge”, but they shared the link to “the fat dude diet” website….check it out here!

The Fat Dude is really Niyaz Pirani, an Orange County food writer for OC Weekly’s Stick A Fork In It blog and formerly the Orange County Register’s Food Frenzy blog.

Kudos, fat dude!


Look, I’m all for healthy, but when I get an email from the owner of “Martiniburger” in Tokyo, I know I’m not going on a diet anytime soon! Here is their latest masterpiece!

Foie gras burger

The “Foie Gras!”

Well, doesn’t this look good! It’s a 100% beef burger topped with imported Rougié fois gras, apple, mint and balsamico dressing. Served with endive salad. How much you ask? Just ¥3200, for a limited time only, so let’s get over to Tokyo NOW!

tokyo nightlife

OK, I can’t jump on a plane right this second, but the next time I’m in Tokyo’s legendary Shinjuku entertainment district, I’m checking this place out! Here’s the website!


Nothing could be more satisfying than a foie gras burger, right? Well, there is tasty and then there is BIG…and when it comes to big, what would Australia do about that?

G’Day For Australia’s Biggest Burger!

Behold “The Roadhog!”

Australia's biggest burger

Let’s finish this mouthwatering trip into 2014 by going to Queensland, Australia, some 300 miles away from Brisbane…yes, we are talking Australian Outback, folks:

Australian outback pubs

According to a Queensland travel blog, “‘The Roadhog Burger’ weighs in at around 14kg – the same size as an average two-year-old. It feeds up to 15 people and will set you back about 150 bucks!

the roadhog burger

You’ll need to order this monster a few days in advance though, as the buns are ‘custom made’ by the nearby St George Bakery. And yes, those are raw sausages fashioned as fingers!”

Time To Bite Into 2014!

So there you go, grab a big burger somewhere and bite into 2014 – all around the world – in style!

world's wildest burgers

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog http://www.thefatdudediet.com!

    Appreciate it, and man, some of these burgers look truly impressive.

    One thing I would change on mine would be to slice the tomatoes into slices instead of petals and to use your thumb to put an impression into the center of the patty, so that it doesn’t shrink up as much and then turn into a ball.

    Leaving the grill open, instead of closing the top, also helps to avoid that.

    Thanks again!


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