Valentine’s Day Bacon Roses! Unique V-Day Gifts! Olivia’s Cheeseburger Cap!

“Roses Are Red, um – And So Is Bacon!”

valentine's day bacon rose bouquet

Love is in the air, and so is the savory smell of bacon…

For the love of bacon, look at what is going on this Valentine’s Day!

bacon roses

Behold The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift – BACON!

Yes, with investigative fervor, I found the BEST way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – with the recipe for bacon roses!

unique bacon gifsts bacon roses

I found this on the great website “TheDailyBacon”…and they posted a recipe for how to win your lover’s heart – through the magic of bacon:

Make Your Own Bacon Roses!

You’ll need: bacon, fake flowers, a muffin tin, toothpicks and tinfoil.

bacon roses

1. Soak the toothpicks in water (this keeps them from charring in the oven). Defrost the bacon. Line the muffin tin with foil. Turn the oven up to 400 degrees.

2. Roll the bacon to look like a rosebud, then stick two toothpicks in the bottom to hold it together.

Bacon-Roses recipe

3. Place the bacon rosebuds in the muffin spaces. The toothpicks should keep them from touching the bottom — you need that space for fat drippings.

4. Put the bacon in the oven. Cook 25-30 minutes.

bacon rose bouquet

5. Deconstruct the fake flowers. Pull the entire thing apart, get rid of the petals and put the stem back together.

bacon roses

6. Let the bacon cool, remove the toothpicks and stick the bacon bud onto the plastic stem. Voilà! Salty, crunchy flowers.

bacon roses

Now, if you aren’t quite so romantic, skip the design part of the process and go right to the bacon:


Wear Your Best This Valentine’s Day!

If you need any help dressing for your Valentine’s Day dinner, try this on for size:

bacon suit

And For The Ladies…

Make sure you buy the one you love something lovely like this:

bacon and egg scarf

It looks even better being worn:

bacon clothing scarf

And it even looks great on guys!


Or, if you are having a more relaxed night home, or are just an intellectual like by Brother-In-Law Jeff, you can always lounge in this:

bacon-elements t-shirt

And for your “Star Wars” bacon lover, try this shirt:

Darth Vader bacon

Olivia’s Cheeseburger Hat!

Well, it’s actually my wife Alex’s hat, thanks to the terrific knitting work of Alex Sim-Wise…read more about it HERE!

Alex Sim-Wise makes great knitted stuff, and of course, Olivia just HAD to try on my wife’s Christmas present: a knitted Cheeseburger cap!

Jerseylicious Olivia Blois-Sharpe in cheeseburger hat

See, there are SO many ways to show your love….

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

And, if you have a pet, don’t forget to shower them with some Valentine’s Day love as well:


Bacon Frosting!

What can I say, except to share this as a way to top off ANY desert!

unique bacon_frosting

Bacon Hand Sanitizer!

And when you are done eating this great Valentine’s Day feast, use this handy bacon spray to clean yourself up:

bacon hand_sanitizer

So there you have it! SO many ways to share your love of bacon with those you love! Get started now!

valentine's day bacon rose bouquet

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