World’s Largest Chicken On A Stick! Tokyo’s “Mega-Yakitori”!

The “Mega-Yakitori” Has Arrived!

The Mega-Yakitori

You know how much I love Japan: I mean, how can you NOT love a place that looks like this every night!

tokyo nightlife

And of course, the terrific website Rocketnews24 covers all of the wackiness that takes place behind these lights…the latest example being THIS:

world's largest chicken

As Rocketnews24 says: “many drinking establishments in Japan offer yakitori, which is basically grilled marinated chicken on a stick. These are offered in a wide variety using different parts of the chicken, added vegetables, or different sauces, salts and spice blends.”

world's largest yakitori

Now Zenyaren Sohonten Tokyo is offering a one-of-a-kind type of grilled chicken called The World’s First Mega-Yakitori. This limited edition menu item is said to contain 30 times the meat of a regular stick of yakitori. This isn’t a simple case of quantity over quality either as the chicken is specially selected from regions across Japan.

Mega Yakitori Chicken

The Mega-Yakitori Tale Of The Tape!

This Mega-Yakitori is 3’3” long, and weighs 2.6lbs! Due to the size of this chicken monster, the “Mega-Yakitori” is available in limited quantities of four on weekdays and eight on weekends for the next two months, so get to Japan now!

World's Largest Chicken Dish

Kudos, Rocketnews24!

Congrats once again to the great website Rocketnews24, which covers the wacky world of Asia better than anyone – read the whole story HERE!

world's largest yakitori

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  1. I wants it in my stomach. おいしそう!

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