Burger Of The Gods! Seattle’s Brilliant Burger Laboratory!

Time to share one of the coolest new restaurants in America with you – from my home town of Seattle!


So this is a really cool place – Behold the creative geniuses behind one of the most unique and creative burger joints I have ever seen! And it’s in my home town of Seattle!

The Lunchbox Laboratory!

It’s more than just food – it’s science!

The picture below is a burger I have posted before – as an example of a great looking burger creation – never knowing it was in fact “The Dorkburger’ – a culinary monument in burger history, and it’s all because of The Lunchbox Laboratory!

Here’s what their own website says about them: The LunchBox Laboratory got started in a 400 square foot building in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle by the MacGyver-like culinary vision of Food Alchemist Scott Simpson. The original concept was born of Scott’s love for his mother. By mixing nostalgic Americana comfort food with an off-the-wall twist, he was able to create that unique restaurant that she would have enjoyed and been proud of.

The restaurant quickly became nationally famous for not only its delicious shakes and the “world’s best burgers,” but also for the particular personality that Scott brought to the table and included in all of the products.

For example, here is their homage to the local Seattle burger chain Dick’s and their “Dick’s Deluxe”:

Homage to Dick’s Deluxe – Super-beef patty, American cheese, bacon, lunchbox onions, top-secret burger sauce. Anyone from Seattle will tell you how much they love Dick’s…but this is a “deluxe on steroids!” And nice touch to have the bottle of Olympia beer nearby…one of the world’s least flavorful beers and a local legend! Clint Eastwood featured Olympia beer in a couple of his early 70’s movies!

world's most unique burgers

In 2011, the Lunchbox Laboratory opened a 5,000 square foot location in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Here they were able to add a full bar with eclectic cocktails that would match the uncommon burger and shake recipes that they were known for in a full service setting.

And it is in this setting that they love to experiment with burgers like the one above: with mac’n’cheeseburger. Or how about some corn dogs?

Dogsticks! –

With a unique Laboratory slant of course: Mini all-beef corndogs dipped in a sweet white corn batter with original corndog ketchup and black pepper “mustardaise”.

Burger of the Gods

Or try the Super-beef patty, bleu cheese crumbles, candied balsamic onions, super gorgonzola spread known as the “Burger Of The Gods”…

Eat The Dork!

Or dig right into their masterwork: The Dork!

best burgers ever

Dork – House blended duck & pork patty, Monterey jack cheese, lunchbox onions, garlic mayo. Have it with a side of Tater Tots and you are golden!


Here are the rules they have about their burgers:

• Our super-beef patties are made from American Kobe-style beef. Use extra napkins.
• All our burgers have lettuce, pickle, onion & tomato.
• If we use a brand name, then we use the real thing. We don’t fake it.
• Bean Patty can be a tasty alternative on any burger
• Bacon is honey-cured• Organic Kaiser buns from Essential Bakery
• Salt has a purpose, and a flavor. Ask your server about our handcrafted salts
• Our friends at the county would like to remind you that undercooked meats could kill you. But then so could walking across the street.


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  1. The Dork should be had with a side of Sweet tots…

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