Bite Into “Tail O’ the Pup!” Hollywood’s Legendary Hot Dog Stand Is Back! Here’s My Review!

Celebrating LA’s Iconic Tail ‘O The Pup!

One of the great things about living in Hollywood is that it’s filled with a quirky history of unique places….like this!

Now That’s A Happy Dog!

You see why they call it “Tail O’ The Pup?” Every hot dog comes in a paper holder with a happy dog smiling up at you – and for good reason – because these delicious dogs are back!

Here’s a “Tail O’ The Pup” hot dog on a tray – and also on every tray, they give you the history of the “Pup” – read that for a moment and then, let’s go back to a simpler time:

How It All Began…

This iconic “hot dog shaped” stand was a fixture on La Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood for decades before it closed and all was feared lost.

The Pup Is Back – In Color!

Yes, as you can see, “Tail O’ The Pup” has staged a colorful comeback on Santa Monica Boulevard less than a mile from the original location!

As their terrific website points out, this icon hot dog stand is ready to satisfy your tastebuds again!

“Tail o’ the Pup’s giant hotdog shaped building has been attracting visitors to Hollywood since 1946, but this revival isn’t just about nostalgia. We aim to not only celebrate Tail o’ the Pup’s past, but also pave the way for new endeavors and memories which can be celebrated for years to come.”

After closing, fans feared their favorite dog shop was gone forever, but now it’s back and looking better than ever!

Of course, my friend Alison Martino did a terrific story on it for Spectrum1, and I had to go and bite down on one of their dogs myself.

Here’s how it looks sitting on Santa Monica Boulevard:

You order your dog through the opening of the bun of course…take a moment to check out the menu. with lots of different dogs to try as well as burgers and more…

After ordering, you head inside to pick it up…as you can see, it’s a spotless interior, with plenty of room to sit:

They have an outdoor area as well, and that’s where I took my original 1946 Pup – this one comes with a split and grilled pup, toasted bun, grilled onions and house mustard.

Now that I have my hot dog, it’s time to give it a taste:

Again, here it is before and after I took that big bite!

The casing was firm, with a nice pop as I bit through it…the hot dog itself was meaty, hot and flavorful, juicy as well.

While there are a number of sides to add and fries as well, I’d suggest getting two different dogs and comparing them – I mean, fries are fries, right?

I also plan to come back and try their “Sassy” cheeseburger as well!

It’s great to have Tail O’ The Pup back – another example of a bit of Hollywood history restores for future generations to enjoy!

You can see more about them as well as a “dog by dog” look at the menu by going to their website here:

And if you want to taste another Hollywood legend, try this:

Astro Burger on Hollywood’s portion of “Route 66” makes a wild Pastrami Burger and much much more – click here for that story:

And if you want to eat like a Movie Star, then you have to go to Hollywood’s oldest restaurant:

100+ year old Musso & Frank Grill is located on Hollywood Boulevard and is better than ever!

Terrific food and, oh wow, those Martinis…

Musso & Frank has fed Hollywood royalty for more than a century, and they are still going strong!

See my review here:

Sadly, some of the greats are now gone – I’ve shared stories about their history

Romanoff’s was THE hangout in Beverly Hills for the world’s biggest stars…here’s a look at their classic menu and more:

Finally, Chasen’s was also a Hollywood hangout:

Elizabeth Taylor loved Chasen’s Chili so much she had it flown to her weekly on location around the world!

Click here for the recipe!

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et me know if you’d try a “Tail O’ The Pup!”

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  1. I would love to join you for a 1946 Pup, John. It looks delicious!
    (Shared both posts on Twitter.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. this is one of the most amazing food stand designs ever! and now I’m hungry for one of their hot dogs even though it’s early morning here.

  3. What a great looking quirky hot dog stand…


  1. Bite Into “Tail O’ the Pup!” Hollywood’s Legendary Hot Dog Stand Is Back! Here’s My Review! — Bite! Eat! Repeat! – johnrieber

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