LA’s Iconic “Astro Burger” On Route 66! Taste Their Legendary “Pastrami Burger!” 

Who’s Hungry?

Well, a picture like this always makes me shout “ME!”

It’s a unique burger that is from one of Southern California’s most iconic burger joins:

Welcome To Route 66!

Yes, there is a legendary road across America called Route 66, and in West Hollywood there sits one of LA’s most iconic restaurants….Astro Burger!

Astro Burger is located on Santa Monica Boulevard – yes, the iconic “Route 66”!

The great website “” has this to say:

“Route 66 invented the fast food industry, embodied along Santa Monica Boulevard by other places including the Formosa Café, founded in 1934; Irv’s Burgers, opened in 1948, Astro Burger, opened in 1974; Hamburger Haven, Fatburger, L.A. Buns & Co. and the much more recent Shake Shack.”

Located Nearby Is The Legendary Irv’s Burgers!

Irv’s Burgers began as a classic Route 66 gas/service station and fast food restaurant when it first opened at 8289 Santa Monica Blvd. Always a favorite of the rock crowd, it was the cover photo setting for Linda Ronstadt’s 1978 album, “Living in the USA.” As “” adds: she’s seen in the album photo above grabbing a burger and reaching for a bag of chips.

OK, time to head inside Astro Burger and get some food…

As you can see, it’s your 50’s classic soda joint vibe, and the menu is MASSIVE:

There are burgers of every shape and size – and a garden burger of course, plus a myriad of sandwiches, salads, fries, tacos, burritos, and even a huge breakfast menu in the morning…but we all know what I was here for – as the sign said clearly:

Char-Broiled Burgers! Pastrami! Onion Rings!

Yep, I was intrigued by the “Pastrami Burger” – is it a burger with pastrami instead of hamburger? What comes on it?

I expected pastrami on a bun, but it was in fact a fully-loaded burger that was also stuffed with pastrami!


Folks, this is what you get for $9 – a pastrami-stuffed burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato – I honestly don’t remember if it was loaded with sauce, because the burger was so juicy it didn’t need it!

You need more proof?

This burger is incredible!

You can taste all of the unique ingredients, and surprisingly, the pastrami was a perfect, slightly salty pop to the cheeseburger, complimenting the flavor rather than taking away from it…but I will also tell you that I took a bit of it off and ate it separately, because there was so much!

They wrap it tight, and that’s a good thing, because, while the bun is hearty and toasted well, this is a juicy sandwich, and the wrapper holds it all together for you…I had to have some onion rings as well:

This was a good size order, with thick slices of onion breaded nicely. They were crispy and very flavorful…

Over all, this food was excellent – it is made to order, so expect to wait 10-15 minutes for your food, and it’s cash only, so come with some money…other than that, this place delivered on their promise:

I don’t know that I need pastrami on my burger every time, but it was fun as a “one off” – you see, pastrami can take care of itself, as I’ve shown you in the past:

This is the legendary Pastrami sandwich from Katz’s Deli in New York – also home to that orgasmic movie moment in “When Harry Met Sally”:

They make an unbelievable Pastrami sandwich, which I tried – you can see my review here:

While I was in New York, I also walked to East Harlem to bite down on this:

It’s called a “Chop Cheese”, and there’s a great bit of history surrounding not – click here for the whole story:

If you like what you see, please click on my link and follow this blog as well!

Let me know if you’d bite into a “Pastrami Burger!”

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8 replies

  1. I love pastrami unfortunately I cannot get it here-sigh- I know I should attempt to make it but never have… the burger looks delicious 🙂

  2. I’m a fan of both burgers and pastrami, so a visit to Astro Burger would be on my wish list, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I enjoy both and would certainly try it, but think I’d probably enjoy each in their own way and apart, which are both great

  4. Hi John, what a great burger. The US certainly rules in that area of foods.


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