Have You Seen A “Chow Mein” Sandwich? Here’s The History Of This Classic Dish! I’m Celebrating The Wildest Sandwiches In The World!

Who’s Ready For A Wild Food Adventure?

It all began with this photo: my friend Sly asked me what I thought of this “Mac ‘n’ Cheese” Sandwich – I told him I was going to make one – and one day I will, but it made me wonder: what else could be mashed up on a bun?

Well, how about this?

A Century Of Chow Mein Sandwiches!

Well, this was a new one to me – but it’s real – a “chow mein” sandwich! 

And you know what? At a hundred years old, it’s not new at all!

The craze began when Frederick Wong, a Cantonese immigrant, got into the family restaurant business in Fall River, Massachusetts, in the 1920s.

He created this to provide a low cast meal for his less well off customers…and it stuck!

So, how do they still make it?

They do! – and it’s really exactly what you think!

Deep-fried noodles, morsels of pork, and sautéed vegetables are piled onto a hamburger bun and then drenched in gravy. As you can see in the photo above, the top bun perches just so. 

As one online write-up noted:

“It’s a crunchy, sloppy stew that would be immensely difficult to eat with your hands despite what its name might suggest. This is the chow mein sandwich, a Massachusetts South Shore staple.”

Count me in!

I am open to mashups of all kinds, and of course, I’m no stranger to unique sandwiches – like this “chop cheese”:

Yes, I walked 5.5 miles to try this unique sandwich – click here to see where they serve it and why it’s an important part of their culture:

And remember when “Twilight” Actor Robert Pattison up’d the ante of wildest sandwiches of all time with this?

Yes, it’s a “pasta sandwich” and I still haven’t had the guts to try it, but here’s a link to the very unique ingredients and how he makes it!

I’ve shared many a “unique” sandwich with you – and even one “HANDWICH”:

I think that’s a funny one, and as they say: “you never cut funny!”

Click here to see a collection of other unique sandwiches as well, including Elvis’s favorite:

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Share your favorite – or even wildest – sandwich with me!

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  1. I would happily join you in trying all of those, John! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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