“The Batman” Has A “Pasta Pillow” Sandwich! Here’s Robert Pattinson’s Wild Recipe!

Who’s Hungry? “The Batman” Is!

Remember this headline?

“Fire and nausea: I made Robert Pattinson’s ungodly pasta recipe”

Two things came to mind: first, Robert Pattinson, the new “Batman”, invented a sandwich?

Second, should any recipe include the word “UNGODLY?”

Well, with the release of the critically-acclaimed film “The Batman”, it’s time to bite into Chef Pattinson’s work!

The Mystery Of Robert Pattinson’s “Little Pillow” Revealed!

Here’s what his “little pillow” concoction is – it’s pasta – served in a unique sandwich you can hold! And it’s real!

The actor once revealed his idea for pasta ‘you can hold in your hand’ in an interview, and wait until you see what’s in it!

It is called “Piccolini Cuscino”, the “little pillow”, and was revealed by the actor as his favorite meal!

According to an interview the “Batman” star gave last year, the Actor’s fascination with this culinary experiment began when he asked himself two simple questions:

“[What if] pasta really had the same kind of fast-food credentials as burgers and pizzas” and “How do you make a pasta which you can hold in your hand?” His invention would be called the “Piccolini Cuscino,” he told GQ. In Italian, it means “Little Pillow.”

In the article, Pattinson makes the “Piccolini Cuscino” while talking to the interviewer, and the writer notes that the Actor continually burns his hands, sets a latex glove on fire and blows up his microwave!

Is this how Julia Child got her start?

The Wacky Recipe Revealed!

Here is the best part: the recipe!

Get ready to mashup pasta with sliced cheese, sugar, and cornflakes!

Giving Pasta “Fast Food” Credentials!

As with all great food creations, it’s begins with an idea.

In this case, the “Actor-turned-Culinary-Wizard” says he came up with his recipe when trying to think of a way to make pasta have “fast-food credentials”, and even pitched it to the restaurateur Lele Massimini. “I was trying to figure out how to capitalize in this area of the market,” he tells GQ. “And I was trying to think: how do you make a pasta which you can hold in your hand?”

How indeed…well. here’s how!

Of course, this recipe had to be put to the test!

So next up, an enterprising Writer from UK’s newspaper The Guardian made it! Here’s his first take on the result:

Mamma mia. The first thing that hits you when you eat piccolini cuscino is the sugar. And not just the taste of it, but the crunch. The grains have barely dissolved at all, and why would they? How does Pattinson not mention this? How is he OK with it?

The six slices of cheese have congealed into a semi-melted base. The recipe seems to suggest that you eat piccolini cuscino with the bun on the bottom and sugary, cheesy cornflakes on top. But then why burn PC into the bun on the other side, if that’s going on the bottom where no one can see it?

If there’s one saving grace of the bizarre concoction, it’s that the mix of ingredients can only be so disgusting. It’s almost impossible to ruin pasta, tomato sauce, bread and cheese although, thanks to all the sugar, it comes pretty close. But it’s not as terrible as I thought it would be. It’s edible. I’m able to eat a few mouthfuls.


You Want The Recipe? Of Course You Do!

Here’s what goes into Pattinson’s “Piccolini Cuscino”:

One “filthy” box of cornflakes
A lighter
Nine packs of pre-sliced cheese
“Just any sauce”
The top half of a bun
Lots of sugar

And the final result:

A Prank By “The Batman?”

It turns out that Pattinson has a reputation for lying in interviews, telling tall tales and making things up for his own entertainment…..so was this sandwich just a distasteful prank?

The “Little Pillow” Is Real!

As the terrific pop culture website Vulture.com reports, it turns out it wasn’t a prank by the Actor – here’s what they report!

Pattinson’s “little pillow” involved microwaved pasta, sugar, sliced cheese, “sauce,” a bun, and aluminum foil that appeared to electrocute his microwave in the cooking process. Yum, right? While it seems that Pattinson has a history of outwardly lying in interviews, this new cover story in GQ addresses the sandwich and Pattinson is serious about the piccolini cuscino. “I was fully, actually trying to make that pasta,” he said. “Like, I was literally in talks with frozen-food factories and hoped that that article would be the proof of concept.” (Remember, Pattinson tried to pitch the idea to Los Angeles restaurateur Lele Massimini, who responded with “absolutely no sign of anything.”) Pattinson continued, “My manager was like, Is this really what you want to do? You want your face on handheld pasta? You know you’ve got to go to Walmart and really sell it for potentially very little return. And there was a part of me that was like, Is there a world where this works?” Meanwhile, we ask, Should there be?

So there you go!

So, I choose to trust “The Batman” – but that doesn’t mean I will ever make this!

Instead, I will stick to this:

Yes, it’s my cheeseburger recipe where the cheese is on the outside!

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I love anything between two buns, like this:

This Fried Fish Sandwich is the greatest!

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Speaking of comforting, how about a nice slice of pie:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is making-a-duck-pie-with-instructions.jpeg

A “Duck, Pancetta, Cabbage and Mustard” One!

Yes, I proved that not all pie is sweet – but incredibly savory in this case!

It was one of my “52 In 22” cooking challenges and you can see how it turned out here:

I also cooked from the legendary Chef / Author / TV Host Anthony Bourdain:

This is his bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, and you can see the recipe by clicking here:

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