Sushi As Culinary Art! Edible Mosaic Sushi Plates! Cola Sushi Too! Japan’s Wildest Sushi!


Sushi Works Of Art!

There is a great creative endeavor underway in the world of sushi: they call it “Mosaic Sushi!”

japanese mosaic sushi

Here is how the intrepid reporters from “” describe it:

“Think of a mosaic image — an arrangement of tiny, colorful tiles that, while ordinary looking on their own, create a striking impression when viewed from a distance. Now instead of small bits of ceramic or glass, imagine the same image, but made from small cubes of rice, seaweed, raw fish, and other assorted delicacies.”

mosaic sushi art

They go on to add:

“layer after layer of vinegar soaked rice with mouth-watering (and colorful) ingredients like Sakura denbu (a flaky fish-based condiment), cucumber, shredded eggs, chicken soboro (seasoned, ground chicken), raw salmon, and squid. In that order, basically. A wooden box holds the ingredients in place, and additional ingredients are carefully set on top of successive layers of nori (dried seaweed).”

Mosaic Sushi

And what about this, thanks to a photo by the Norwegian Seafood Export Council, you can see the world’s largest sushi platter, presented as a mosaic!


Shanghai Sushi Monster!

In 2010, Shanghair hosted the world’s largest sushi mosaic – and what a beautiful plate of food it is!

worlds largest sushi mosaic

There is no doubt about it: sushi is a things of beauty, and when people take it one and add their unique creativity to it, the fish is the limit!

It’s all part of the amazing culinary adventure all across the Far East…where they make “solid gold sushi” for good luck!

Click here to see why this brings good luck!

Cheeseburger Sushi

Cheeseburger Sushi!

Oh, you mean you don’t eat this? It’s just one of a myriad of wacky new ways to enjoy sushi – see more here!

It’s clear that Chefs are stretching the definition of sushi….”coca cola sushi” anyone?

cola jelly sushi

Yes, take some cola jelly and sushi rice and voila! You can see those recipes here:

Don’t think there are ANY limitations to what sushi can be:

wild japanese big mac sushi

That’s right, it’s “Big Mac Sushi” – and I bet it tastes as good as it looks! See the recipe here:

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4 replies

  1. HI John, this looks beautiful. Just like a plate of little cupcakes.

  2. It does look very artistic. Just a shame I don’t really like Sushi! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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