Creating Food As Culinary Art! Undercover Desserts Too!

Celebrating Food As Art!

It all started with this picture…someone turning a station wagon into a “cheeseburger on wheels”!

It took me on a journey – mostly through my decade of blogging – to see more of this world of food art!

Remember these “sky high salads?”

It was a trend in China – because all over the world, people find inspiration in the food they eat!

Here’s another example: in Japan, they don’t stack their food – they wear it!

Food hairbands are a thing there – in fact, plasticized food is part of their everyday life!

Click here to see more:

And you know, when I went to Tokayo, I brought home some plasticized food as well – like this triple cheeseburger:

You can buy them on Kappabashi Street, where all the plasticized food is made…but why?

Click here to see the fascinating story of Tokyo’s plastic food!

People in Japan are so passionate about food that they even wear it!

Click here to see the story of this “Shrimp Tempura” onsie and more wacky food clothing!

If that makes you hungry, why don’t you eat some Sushi?

Yes, while it is indeed a work of art, it’s edible as well!

Click here to see more:

And if you crave a sweet dessert, why not one of these?

Hold on – that’s not a steak – it’s cake!

Click here for more of this “Disguised Dessert!”

And this isn’t a platter of sushi either:

You guessed it – these are cakes!

Click here to see how they do it!

I’ve shared stories like this before…remember these potstickers?

Well, guess what? They are cakes too! You can see more of this wild Chinese food that is actually a sweet treat by clicking on my story here:

A US Chef had the same idea, so she made a cake that looked like this!

Yes, it’s not a raw Turkey, it’s a scrumptious dessert as well!

Of course, those who followed my “52 In 22” cooking challenge know that I made a dessert that was actually SUPPOSED to look like a birthday cake:

So why did I name it “Pisa” when my wife’s name is Alex?

Click here for the recipe to this amazing cake, and my colossal mistake then making it!

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8 replies

  1. I like food but wearing plastic hair decorations shaped like food holds little appeal for me.

  2. Beautiful images of the brightly coloured sushi… such unique designs come from the Japanese they are the masters of quirk and invention 🙂

  3. Some good memories from your old posts, John, and the Cheeseburger car is hoot!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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