Corn Chowder In A Can! Japan’s “Hot” Vending Machine Mania!

paperback vending machine

Time For “Breaking” Vending News!

Put down those books you are about to buy from a vending machine! If reading makes you thirsty – and cold – then I’ve got the answer!


Thanks to the brilliant minds of the Japanese, you can now have hot corn chowder any time you need it!

“No-Kernels-Left-in-the-Can Rich and Creamy Corn Potage (Tsubu Kanshoku Koku Toro Corn Potage)” from Dydo Drinco

Yes, hot food is now the rage in Tokyo vending machines!

According to RocketNews24: “This soup, also made from “super sweet corn”, is apparently thicker in consistency than the average corn potage. And to ensure that you can drink up every kernel of corn in the can, they’ve even designed the can so that it has an extra wide opening! This 170g (6oz) can is available for 115 yen ($0.98).”

And there’s more!


“Bistrone Select Eatable Corn Potage (Bistrone Select Taberu Corn Potage)” from Coca-Cola!

Here’s how this is described by RocketNews24: “This soup is made from American-grown sweet corn and is part of Coca-Cola’s premium “Bistrone Select” line of canned soups, which is specifically cooked using select “in-season” vegetables. The soup is currently available from Coca-Cola’s online shop at a price of 2,857 yen ($24.52) for a set of thirty 190g (6.7oz) cans.”


“Hot Baked Apple (Hot Yaki Ringo)” from Pokka Sapporo

And how about this drinkable baked apple! Yes, buy a warm baked apple drink, available in a 275ml (9.3oz) plastic bottle for 120 yen ($1.03). The sweet dessert drink even contains a bit of honey for added flavor!

And there are many more as well!

Tokyo vending machines

Kudos, RocketNews24!

As always, the intrepid reporters at “RocketNews24” have found this amazing story, so read ALL of it, with more great warm vending machine drinks, my clicking here:

I have posted about the vending machine culture in Tokyo before – they are everywhere in the city, offering a wide variety of items to consume on the spot, since NO ONE walks around with a drink in their hand, that is disrespectful:

unique japanese vending machines

But of course, my friend Corrado couldn’t help but fall in love with his favorite vending machine when we were there…

tokyo vending machine

And why not? The vending machine culture in Japan is fascinating and fun – but remember, we had our vending machines in the US as well – and boy did they have fun stuff too!

Whiskey vending machine

As you can see, you can get ANYTHING from a vending machine! Read all about the unique items available by clicking on my story here:

And, my favorite has always been “coffee jelly!”

unique japanese vending machines

Check out some of Tokyo’s wildest vending machine items by clicking on my story here:

And finally, from the sublime to the ridiculous:

wacky vending-machine

Yes, you can get mashed potatoes in a vending machine as well! Read all about the crazy world of vending by clicking on this story:

What are you waiting for? Get vending!


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