Super Bowl Super Snacks! Recipes! Seahawk Super Food!

2015 Super Bowl

Seattle Vs. New England! A Seafood Super Bowl Matchup!

Being born and raised in Seattle, I am so excited for their Super Bowl return, and this super matchup – the two teams with the best records this year face off, the way it should be! In fact, this matchup has me salivating! Here’s one reason:

Twinkie food fight

Now THIS is a Super Bowl stadium I would buy a ticket for! Yes, when the world’s biggest sporting event is on, you have to do your part to live up to the hype – and that means only one thing!



I plan to make a LOT of fun Super Bowl food on Feb. 2 – it’s an American tradition that goes back to the beginning of football it seems, and why not jump on board with this?


Yes, the beauty of a chicken wing combined with the sweetness of a cupcake…well, I DID warn you this was a Super celebration!

Since I am from Seattle, I will have to make something out of THIS:

Dungeness Crab recipes

Dungeness Crab Recipes!

This will be a Super Sunday filled with Dungeness crab…more on this Seattle favorite in a minute…oh, and there WILL be this as well:


Yes, with seafood comes tartar sauce, and there will be a recipe for that as well…but first, it’s time to look at just how much we eat on Super Bowl Sunday – and of course offer up some super-sized food to dream about…with some guidance on how to make these for your friends as well!


Go Blue ‘n’ Green!

If you want to support the Seahawks, then try some snacks that stick to their team colors: blue corn tortillas and guacamole is an easy way to do it!

Want to get a bit crazy?


Seahawks Rice Krispy Treats!

Yes, why not make rice krispy snacks and add your own food coloring Seahawks bent to them? A bit “over the top”, but it IS Super Bowl after all!


Believe In The 12th Man!

You can make it a “perfect storm” of Seattle support by making a batch of “12th man” cupcakes…now you are covered for a snack, main course AND dessert!

Thanks to the wacky party idea people at “Queenbeecoupons” for these Seahawks-themed snacks…see them all here:

And of course, don’t forget to make your own Super Bowl stadium of food!

food stadium cheese

What better way to celebrate the Super Bowl than to tease you with pictures of amazing food stadiums to help us swallow the following Super Bowl Food stats! First, look at this snack stadium:

Super Bowl stadium food

And if that doesn’t make you hungry, this one could do the trick:


And of course, you can never go wrong when you unveil a snack stadium that looks like this – all of these great pics raise a question: how much food IS eaten on Super Sunday?


The Super Bowl is ranked as the number two food consumption event of the year, second only to Thanksgiving!

best Super Bowl recipes

The “12th Man” X 100!
Yes, the average number of calories consumed during the Super Bowl is 1,200, like having a stadium full of Seahawks fans!


Put A Hold On 71.4 million Pounds Of Guacamole, Please!

Yep, that’s the estimated pounds of Hass avocados that are consumed on Super Sunday! That’s enough to cover the Super Bowl Stadium end zone to end zone in more than 27.5 feet in avocados!

I love the way the guacamole looks like the playing field here!

unique guacamole recipes

90 Millions Pounds Of Wings, Please!

Hope you have enough ranch dressing and paper towels to handle this one:


1.25 billion!

Yep, that’s the number of chicken wings Americans are expected to eat on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the U.S. National Chicken Council, and why would they lie to us?


Why not take that 12th man cupcake and top it with a wing! Double your fun! Or, celebrate Seattle by making a Dungeness Crab dip like I plan to make!

Super Bowl recipes

Crab Dip!

Since Seattle is in the Super Bowl again, we must celebrate the fresh seafood that makes Seattle unique! Let’s begin with a great recipe for our friend the Dungeness Crab!


Hot Crab Dip!

Thanks to Scott’s in Edmonds – a great place to hang out while you wait for a ferry…have an ice cold beer or glass of Chardonnay and dig into their classic Dungeness Crab dip!

Here is the recipe:

1/2 pound fresh dungeness crab meat 60/40 mix, 60% shredded body & 40% legs
1/2 pound canned unmarinated artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
2 cups Best Food mayonnaise
4 ounces yellow onion, sliced paper thin
4 ounces freshly shredded Parmesan cheese
1 1/2 tsp Italian parsley, minced
1 baguette, sliced
1 lemon cut into wedges

crab dip recipe

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Combine and mix the crab, artichoke hearts, mayonnaise, onions and cheese. Just blend evenly – do not over mix. Portion the mixture into 6 to 8 small ovenproof ramekins.

Bake the ramekins 5 to 6 minutes or until an internal temperature of 140 degrees is achieved. You just want to get the mixture warmed and the top browned. Too much heat and the mayonnaise will separate.

To serve, arrange bread slices around the crab dip and garnish with chopped parsley and a slice of lemon…or waffle fries!


Don’t Forget To Double Dip!

Be careful this Super Bowl NOT to pull a George Costanza and double dip:

George Costanza Seinfeld

We all remember the hilarious “Seinfeld” episode when George is caught double dipping…but George had it right – if the dip is good you gotta go back!

Don’t Forget The Chips!

potato chip consumption

An astounding 14,500 tons of chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Calorie Control Council says we’ll also eat:
— 11.2 million pounds of potato chips.
— 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips.
— 4.3 million pounds of pretzels.
— 3.8 million pounds of popcorn.
— 2.5 million pounds of nuts during their Super Bowl parties.

So let’s get our food on!


But if this is all too big for you, so “small” and delicious, like this amazingly delicious Super Bowl snack:

bacon oreo

The Bacon Oreo!

Yes, here are some more amazing snacks you can serve, like an oreo cookies stuffed with bacon! Or, perhaps you want your bacon even easier to hold and consume, and in that case I give you the:

Bacon mac'n'cheese cone

Macaroni And Cheese Stuffed Bacon Cone!

Easy to hold, delicious to devour, this is the way to enjoy a Super game! You can find out more by clicking here:

But the Super Bowl is about more than just food!

And Is There A Beverage?

Well, what do YOU think, Wade Beckett?

Giant Beer

This is my friend Wade, drinking a VERY LARGE beer in Seoul South Korea…and it was during the Super Bowl, so that’s a good sign! During the Super Bowl, there will be 325 million GALLONS of beer consumed. That is A LOT of beer…but if you put it in the right kind of mug, you should be fine….

Bacon Beer Mug

Bacon Mug!

And when in doubt, just pour yourself a frosty brew in this mug and have a nice snack at the same time!

So there you have it: food, drink, and more food – lots and lots of food. But I think we are missing ONE crucial ingredient: THE TWINKIE!

super bowl twinkie stadium

The TWINKIE Stadium!

Yes, this is an edible Twinkie stadium…I actually found many versions of it online, so thanks to all who have shared this…first, you must lay out the outline of your stadium in, of course, Twinkies…

Super Bowl twinkie recipes

Holy Taco’s Twinkie Stadium uses a flat aluminum pan spread with sections of salsa, queso dip, and guacamole as a base, and cheese-topped hot dog pieces as players on the field. Various snack mixes are held together by a retaining wall made of Twinkies which the site refers to as “nature’s brick.”

world's best twinkie recipe

Nature’s Brick!

This particular structure is notable for its “pliable bacon wall”, which is absent from most other examples.

edible twinkie stadium

The real kicker is the inclusion of the football shaped blimp, which is actually a 20 oz. summer sausage – AND WE ALL KNOW HOW GOOD THAT WILL TASTE…if you pay close attention, you can see Twinkies also used as cars in the parking lot in many of the stadiums…nice touch….

Twinkie food fight

I would dig into this and never stop eating…just don’t get carried away and make the dreaded:



Yes, this image exists everywhere online, so it must be good! And it takes us back to the most important aspect of this game:

Super Bowl Food Stadiums!

Yes, I LOVE theese “Super Snack Stadiums” – crazy snack food towers designed to look like football stadiums…

Super Bowl Snack Stadium 4

There are a multitude of websites that offer “Super Bowl Snacks” recipes and advice…the key is to plan ahead, and follow these pictures to create your own work of art!


Being from Seattle, I WILL be incorporating tartar sauce into my Super Sunday, probably with this burger:

French fry burger

Yes, it’s the best Slider recipe in the world! Top your burger with french fries, then a healthy dose of tartar sauce! Top that with a slice of your favorite cheese – mine is provolone, and you have a meal in a bun!

Go Hawks!

2015 Super Bowl stats

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