Behold The “Big Mack Daddy!” Big & Little’s Bites Down Hard!

Time to honor my favorite Chicago burger!

In a world of great cheeseburgers, and TV specials choosing the best.burger.ever, let’s hope they are including this monster:

Best Chicago hamburgers

Meet The “Big Mack Daddy!”

Yes, it’s an homage to one of the world’s most well known hamburgers…the McDonald’s Big Mac – but this one loads up on the “BIG” and adds a “Mack Daddy” to boot!

Chicago restaurants

Welcome to Big ‘n’ Little’s!

I have posted about Big & Little’s before – it’s a terrific Chicago “dive” that serves up stuff like this deep-fried Cheeseburger:

deep fried cheeseburger

Why do I call it a “dive?” Well I didn’t, Guy Fieri did! “Big ‘n’ Little’s” was profiled on “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives”, and pictures inside attest to Guy Fieri’s love of the boys….


I always love watching Fieri checking out some of the offbeat restaurants in the US, and he has profiled a number of great Chicago places like “Big & Little’s”, which is located on Orleans just north of Chicago Ave in the River North district…and I love them too, because they they serve stuff like THIS!

Soft Shell Crab Po'Boy

A Soft Shell Crab Po’ Boy!

Yep, this is a sandwich where the stuffing looks like it wants to climb right into your mouth! It’s a great soft shell crab o’boy, just one of many they have on the menu…

I love this place, beginning with their casual, funky environment:

Big and Littles Chicago

Yes, that is “Big” behind the counter, taking all of the orders – and when you see the never-ending line of customers, you know that “Big” never rests!

I had to take my friend Chris in to try one of their specialty burgers: the “Big” Mack Daddy!

Big Mac burger

Yes, “Big” proudly offers up a massive Big Mac homage in his name – making a double patty burger that is packed with incredible flavor – a delicious homage …so both Chris and I ordered one…

The Big Mac burger Chicago

Of course, everything here is cooked to order, so we sat down at one of the benches, waited about ten minutes, then go out burgers…and what a burger it is:

Chicago best burgers

As you can see, the bun is nicely toasted, and has a “special sauce” on it…and the burgers are big, juicy and topped with perfectly melted cheese…

world's best cheeseburger

So you can see “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese…”

And Check Out These Pickles!

Chicago's best cheeseburger

Here is a super closeup look at the burger…slightly out of focus in spots, but it really shows how juicy this double cheeseburger is…beautifully cooked as well…

best burger recipes

We also ordered some “truffle fries” – which show up fresh cut and hot out of the fryer – with a terrific truffle essence….

truffle fries recipe

You can’t eat these too often, as they are indeed a “Big Mack Daddy!” But there is so much else to order as well. I have posted about “Big ‘n’ Little’s” before – remember the “Pork Belly Po’ Boy?”

pork belly po' boy

pork belly po 'boy

Yes, it is as good as it looks! Read all about that food adventure by clicking on my entire story here:

And yes, that story includes my look at their “Beer Battered Deep Fried Cheeseburger” too!

deep fried cheeseburger

Kudos to “Big & Little’s”, which also opened in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood – two places to get your food on!

Big Mac burger

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