Cheeseburger And Pizza Vending Machines! More Food Wackiness From Around The World!

As you know by now, I love vending machines. They give you nutrition, quench your thirst, and offer a wide array of interesting products – like Cheeseburgers!

The vending machine industry holds an annual convention to showcase advances in technology, improvements in vending machine security, and new ideas for food.

I like the idea of a half-pound burger just waiting to come out of its vending home and right into your mouth!

Hello, Russia!

And then there is this vending machine from Russia that dispenses Cheeseburgers 24 hours a day…

Then I found a story on a website called – where he talked about this 8.5 ounce vending/food service product from Pierre Foods in Ohio, which furnishes product to schools, vending machines and more. Here is a look:

Here is what it looks like cut in half:

The unwrapped frozen burger exhibits no frills; sesame bun, burger patty, cheese slice on top, cheese slice underneath.

This is a refrigerated product, so it’s mostly thawed. He liked the flavor, which had some smoke added to be more “grilled-like” – so a convenience store vending machine product met with approval….how about fries with that?


Here’s a great idea: french fries sold from a vending machine. This one is from Japan, where they sell just about EVERYTHING in vending machines:

Who knows what they will taste like, but clearly this young woman is impressed:


Now check THIS out! Thanks for the website – a geek in japan!

A hamburger restaurant in Tokyo has decided to put a hamburger vending machine at the entrance of the restaurant. You put the coins and you get a hamburger right away. The problem is that there is only one hamburger available at a time, if you want a second hamburger you have to wait until the cook inside the restaurant restocks the machine with another one, or you can go inside the restaurant and order it. website offers this: a hamburger vending machine at a drive-in eatery in Saitama prefecture in Japan.

The vending machine can be found at “24 Hour Auto Restaurant Tekken Taro”, located in Gyoda city. While this ‘restaurant’ is staffed, all food is offered via one of the many vending machine lined up inside.

This is what they look like right before you eat them…enjoy!

As you know, Japan loves their vending machines, like these ones that I photographed in 2010, located right outside an adult amusement store in Tokyo:

I love Japan and their fascination with vending machines…so much so that they offer the greatest thing ever:


Yes, the New York Times reported on this: a disguise for women who are being followed…just run around the corner, put this on and blend right in! Look at the two feet at the base of the vending machine on the right!

The website offered up some pics of unique vending machines like this one for pizza:

And one for Canned Bread:

Perhaps you need some shoes in a hurry:

Or just a bit of gold:

So, make sure you support the vending industry so we can anticipate more of this greatness!

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