Wacky Food And BURGER Gifts For The Holidays! Jerseylicious Olivia’s Cheeseburger Hat!

Ho Ho Ho To Me!

Look at that beautiful work of art: a bacon cheeseburger loaded up with secret sauce. Yes, I’ll take a cheeseburger for a gift any time! But it IS a bit of an impractical gift, so if you can’t mail me a hot one, try some of these holiday gifts that celebrate the cheeseburger!

Cheeseburger candle gift

Cheeseburger Candles!

How can you top THIS for a holiday gift – they are mini-cheeseburger candles!

cheeseburger candles

They showed up nicely wrapped, three to a package – and I plan to showcase them proudly in my house – but I will NEVER light them – who can take the risk that I’ll never get them again?…so I guess I’ll never know if they exude a nice cheeseburger aroma!

Cheeseburger gifts wacky gifts

Cheeseburger Hello Kitty Plush Toys!

And how about these cool gifts courtesty of Hello Kitty?

Cheeseburger Hello Kitty Plush Toy

New from Sanrio! Look at this reversible Hello Kitty burger plush toy ($28). One side is Hello Kitty holding a burger, but turn it inside out and it becomes a burger with Hello Kitty’s face on the bun!

Watch it happen on this video:

Hello Kitty Cheeseburger Plush Toy

Hello Kitty Turkey!

Cheeseburgers? TURKEYS? It can’t be so! But it IS! That’s right, you can also get the “Reversible Hello Kitty” as a turkey! Above are the two plush toys before they become THIS!

Cheeseburger Hello Kitty Doll

Thanks to “A Hamburger Today” for showcasing these great new gifts from Sanrio!

Olivia’s Cheeseburger Hat!

Here’s Olivia Blois-Sharpe from “Jerseylicious”, sporting a fashionable “cheeseburger hat!”

Well, it’s actually my wife Alex’s hat, thanks to the terrific knitting work of Alex Sim-Wise…read more about it HERE!


Alex Sim-Wise makes great knitted stuff, and of course, Olivia just HAD to try on my wife’s Christmas present: a knitted Cheeseburger cap!

best holiday gifts

Cheeseburger Clothes!

Forget about wearing your cheeseburger: thanks to Cafepress.com, you can order cheeseburger clothing to proudly showcase your love of the burger!

cheeseburger clothes

I could wear one of these long sleeve shirts everyday, and even though I don’t wear hats, why not top your head with a nice cheeseburger cap if you are so inclined!

Cheeseburger Telephones!

And even though nobody has a land line any more, IF you do, get yourself one of these!

I’d love to have this in my house, just as a conversation starter! Look at these buttons, it’s like making a call from 1982!

More Cheeseburger Gifts!

The wonderful worldwide web can bring ANYTHING to your front door, so you have no excuse NOT to buy something unique this year! Thanks to the Redbubble.com website, you can order a wide variety of cheeseburger gifts, like these cheeseburger stickers…

Cheeseburger gifts

I Love My iPhone!

Or, why not dress up your iphone to look like your favorite food:

cheeseburger iphone

As nice as that is, NOTHING beats the iPhone cover I bought last year in Tokyo…that’s right, my BACON-AND-EGG phone cover:

I can never upgrade my phone, because this cover won’t fit anything but my iPhone 4G, and I am as committed to it as it is to me!

Man’s Best Friend!

And how can you argue with this? Give the gift of bacon, from man’s best friend! This is the year to go big and go cheese!

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