World’s Best Food Books! Keller’s Fried Chicken! Ruhlman’s Schmaltz! Chocolate For Breakfast!

Behold Perfection!

the-egg chef thomas keller

What you see is an almost perfect dish: egg custard and truffle served in an egg shell, with a paper-thin chive chip…just one of the amazing dishes you are served at The French Laundry, one of the world’s greatest restaurants!

world's best restaurants the french laundry

But amazing food comes in all shapes and sizes…which is why, if you stay at The Oak Knoll Inn in Napa valley, you get “Chocolate For Breakfast!”



Welcome To Paradise!

This is the Oak Knoll Inn, the most romantic getaway in Napa Valley…and the tastiest as well, thanks to their terrific cookbook!


Chocolate For Breakfast!


This is a great cookbook! Speaking of great cookbooks, how about Michael Ruhlman’s new book of “Schmaltz!”


Ruhlman looks at a forgotten cooking method and brings it into the future…check out the book by clicking on here – and also see Chef Thomas Keller’s cookbooks and fried chicken as well!

Keller, Pollan, Reichl And Chocolate!

And read about some of my favorite food books, including “Chocolate For Breakfast” and “The Book Of Schmaltz” – and you will see Thomas Keller’s fried chicken recipe – so much food fun you can have by clicking here!

I get hungry just ready about this! Gaze upon the world’s best fried chicken! Let me know what you think!

chef keller fried chicken

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