Enter Thomas Keller’s World Of Food!

worlds bst restaurants

Behold The French Laundry. One of the world’s best restaurants, and the flagship in Chef Thomas Keller’s empire…

chef thomas keller

Dishes like this one: an egg custard served in an egg shell with a herb biscuit and truffle – well, I can’t describe the flavor, but is is sublime…

world's best chef

Chef Thomas Keller has grown his restaurant empire to include the Bouchon french bistros, as well as Ad Hoc – a restaurant that serves a single family-style menu – different every day – and of course, his other signature temple to food in New York, Per Se.


Click to read all about the latest food honor, and see some of Chef’s signature fried chicken too! And yes, I also explain what his “pearls and oysters” dish is as well!

pearls-oysters french laundry

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