CarolCooks2 World Cuisines From A-Z! Bite Into Fiji! A Beautiful South Pacific Island…

Carol’s terrific look at the food and culture around the world continues!

Welcome back to my A-Z of World Cuisines after the Christmas and New Year break…where I will be looking at the countries of the world, their food and national dish or their most popular dish around the world…by this I mean some dishes are eaten in many countries as their fame has spread around the […]

CarolCooks2…A-Z World Cuisines…Part 26…Fiji a beautiful South Pacific Island… — Retired? No one told me!

I try to cook dishes from a round the world as well, like these Portugese Milk Tarts:

Here is the recipe:

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, John it is much appreciated and those tarts are one of my favourites they are very popular here, I have to admit I eat too many of them -smile-

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