Japan’s Amazing “Monster Meals!” Go “O-Mori”! Mega Stacks Of Food!!

Get ready for a Japanese “Monster Meal!”

world's largest plate of food

Here’s a question for you:


First of all, how do you “go o-mori?” Well, I am about to tell you, because you may have done it and not even known it!


O-Mori, That’s A LOT Of Food!

Yes, time to head back to Tokyo for a look at how the Japanese “Supersize” their meals!
In Japan, “o-mori” refers to an extra large food portion. So when you dine, you can upgrade your regular ramen dish by ordering it like this:

“Ramen O-Mori, Please!”

And this is what you will get:

tokyo ramen bowl

If, like me, you like a little poultry as a meal, you can order:

Chicken Curry O-Mori Style, Please!

And they will place down in front of you this dish:

“O-Mori Fried Chicken Curry!”

giant bowl of japanese food o-mori

The photo above was taken at Café Majori in Aichi Prefecture – more on where I found these pics in a second – but this colossal curry with fried chicken is officially referred to as “YA-YA MORI”, or a “kind of big portion.” You think?

You see, now matter WHAT you order, you can get it to look like THIS!

huge food portions

Some Japanese restaurants have their own special codes for these super-sized portions, such as “toku-mori”, “giga-mori”, “mega-mori”, “deka-mori”, and “doka-mori”.

No matter what they call it, it all means one thing: BIG FOOD!

Pork Cutlet O-Mori – or “toku-mori”, “giga-mori”, “mega-mori”, “deka-mori”, and “doka-mori”!

world's largest plate of food

According to Rocketnews24, this pork cutlet curry is served at Manrai restaurant in the Nigata Prefecture of Japan…I’d say that was more than filling….or how about this bowl of ramen noodles with sliced pork…oh, that’s right, it’s SLICED PORK “O-MORI” STYLE!

ramen with sliced pork

Something “Fishy” Here!

And if you are a seafood fan, you can always try a nice “O-Mori Tuna Bowl”! Yes, that is one large ball of fish…

world's largest tuna bowl

“Just A Burger For Me, Please!”

And for burger fans, there’s an “o-mori” version of a hamburger steak platter, weighing over four pounds!

unique hamburger steak

And For The Vegan In All Of Us…

That’s right, if you are swearing off meat and fish, just have the omelet…

world's largest omelet

Once again, the terrific website “Rocketnews24” has the entire story on the “O-Mori” phenomenon in Japan, with even MORE pictures of HUGE japanese food. Enjoy!



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