“Secret” Desserts! Delicious Sweets Disguised As Chinese Food!

Do you love Chinese food?

hidden desserts

Look at all of that deliciousness! Ramen noodles, potstickers – even tenshindon, a rice omelette with crab topped with a thick sauce!



“Rocketnews24” Strikes Again!

I have shared stories from the great website site called “Rocketnews24” – it’s a blog that features everything and anything wacky, unique and just plain crazy that’s happening in Japan, Tawian, Korea, China and all of the far east!

fake chinese food

Cue The Secret Desserts!

While it may look like this young woman is digging into a platter of great chinese food, they are all sweets! Here’s the story from Rocketnews24:

The Rocketnews24 Reporter went to a hot new sweets shop in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district called “Maplise”, where the specialty of the house is a decadent dessert that looks like a hot bowl of noodles! Yes, THIS is a dessert!

ramen noodle dessert

This amazingly creative bakery has mastered the art of designing desserts to look like regular chinese food, so you can indulge without being discovered! Not only that, they serve the desserts to you in chinese food containers!

Chinese food containers

However, the real fun begins when you take your delicious desserts out!

secret chinese desserts

“Salt Ramen” For Dessert!

Here is how Rocketnews24 described what they ordered – the “salt ramen”:

“Even looking at them up close, they look like the real deal. They’ve recreated every detail, including a transparent soup for the noodles and the crunchy fried skin of the dumplings. The tenshindon was especially well done, from the looks of the egg, to the shininess of the sauce, and even the handful of green peas normally used as a garnish wasn’t forgotten.”

best chinese desserts

Imagine sitting at your desk, eating a bowl of ramen noodles like this…friends and co-workers stop by, glance over, and move on…but you know what you are biting into: CAKE!

secret chinese desserts

More “Tenshindon” Please!

And remember that tenshindon, the rice omelette with crab topped with a thick sauce?

hidden chocolate cake

Well, an amazing thing happens as you take your fork and cut into it:


Yep, it’s a chocolate cake! And these realistic pot stickers are also…that’s right, dessert!

potsticker deserts

Pass The Soy Sauce, Please!

That’s right, they even have “soy sauce” for you – it’s really maple syrup!

secret desserts

Now you know why I love Tokyo so much – there is as much creativity and imagination on display every day as there are neon lights at night!


Again, thanks to the brilliant Asian website “Rocketnews24” for the story. You can read the entire article here:


And support this terrific website by digging into all of their amazing stories about the far east!

fake chinese food

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  1. Creating Food As Culinary Art! Undercover Desserts Too! – Bite! Eat! Repeat!

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