World’s Worst Food Fads! Time To Ride “The Bone Luge!”

With the winter Olympics upon us, time to consider food fads that celebrate the competitor in all of us!

wacky food fads

Behold The Bone Luge!

Yes, what you are witnessing is one person pouring alcohol down a hollowed out bone, into another person’s mouth. To quote my favorite movie: “tasty, Winslow, tasty.”

Hey, we all know that the culinary scene is rife with fads: I mean, we were pummeled for months over “cronuts”, right?

cronuts food fad

And let’s not forget the even more recent trend of using ramen noodles as a hamburger bun…


Both of those are fairly ridiculous – but could “bone luges” be the single worst food fad ever? Is this REALLY the best way to drink alcohol?

the-vodka-bone-luge wacky stunts

We continue to cycle through wacky fad after wacky fad – remember this “non-food” fad from just a few years ago?

Planking Alert!

Yes, we all know that “planking” is so 2011…it got to the point where Rosario Dawson did it on TV…just laid it all right out there for all to see…

But now there is a new fad, this one involving alcohol and bones – and it isn’t pretty…

According to many recent articles, it’s all about the bone luge….

Bone Luge

Yep, a BONE LUGE. That’s where you eat the marrow out of an animal bone, thus creating a channel for a bartender to pour your favorite hard liquor from one end of the bone directly into your mouth.


Yes, some of them, like the dragon luge above, are beautiful to behold…

Getting “Boned”!

The internet is now full of pictures featuring photos of people getting bone luged….and I don’t know about you, but being “bone luged” just sounds wrong on so many levels…

The vodka bone luge

Tasting Table highlighted the “drinking ritual from Portland, Oregon” that is “forging an especially close relationship between beef and booze.”

And clearly, EVERYONE is doing it…I mean, talk about your 4th of July celebration!

Bone luge celebration

The website TastingTable reported on the “bone luge,” a Portland invention melding the city’s love of offal and spirits.

A Tumblr site explains the premise: “One identifies a restaurant, orders the bone marrow, consumes it normally, and then informs the bartender that a bone luge will now commence…

alcoholic bone luge

Some of the best drinks to pour down a bone luge are precisely the things one would savor and never shoot. Madeira and sherry are highly recommended.”

Back to Gothamist, who reports: “Time Out New York’s food and drink editor Jordana Rothman drew a line in the sand, tweeting, “Food writers of America: Let’s all stop this bone luge thing before it starts shall we? Show of hands?”

alcohol bone luge stunt

Rothman was joined in Twitter solidarity by Kat Kinsman, the Managing Editor for CNN’s food blog Eatocracy. Rothman has not yet responded to a request for elaboration on her anti-bone luge stance, but one wonders if these two power editors will succeed in undermining this thing before it even becomes a thing.”


Well, we see where this is going. This is “planking with bones” pure and simple, a goofy fad that takes something that is unique and offbeat to most eaters – eating bone marrow – and marrying it to the safety of alcohol.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to try it! And check out this video of a beautiful ice luge!

alcoholic bone luge

I can only imagine how this wine is being made better by sipping it through a hollowed out bone, but then again, what do I know?

After all, the “bone luge” is just a meaty variation on the classic “ice luge” that has entertained drinkers for ages!


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