“The White House” Cheeseburger Subs! World’s Best Submarine Sandwich?

Behold The Cheeseburger Sub!

Yes, I had a Cheeseburger Submarine Sandwich, and life will never be the same….only better. Thanks to the brilliant sub masters at “The White House” of Atlantic City, New Jersey….

I like nothing better than to happen upon an amazing place to eat, and only discover later that it’s legendary – such was the case when I was at filming for “Jerseylicious” and grabbed a sandwich at a sub shop in Atlantic City…

The White House of Atlantic City!

This classic sub shop has been in business for 65 years, and has served subs to everyone, including Presidents and yes, Jersey’s “Chairman Of The Board”, Frank Sinatra!

I got to try their “Cheeseburger Sub” at their first spinoff location, at the Taj Mahal on AC’s boardwalk. It was delicious!

What makes the White House subs so good? Well, there are more than a dozen hot subs, more than a dozen cold ones, and every order can be “enhanced” with grilled or fresh onion, grilled or fresh peppers, a variety of cheeses, condiments, and…well, just about anything you can imagine…and they have a fun, “let’s share some great food” attitude – and of course, the cheeseburger sub!

Size Does Matter!

Oh, and what you see above you? That’s half of A HALF SUB! Yes, you get 4X what you see here for $14 – or a half sub, double this, for $7…their prices are insanely low! Cannot recommend them enough!

I had such a great experience there – if you are in Atlantic City, this is the place for you! Now, if you happen to find yourself in Berlin…

The Bird In Berlin

Hey, you never know when you find yourself in a big business meeting in Germany, and when you do, check out that big monster above….that the “Big Crack Burger” from The Bird, located in Berlin. What I love about them is how they describe their POV about burgers:

“At least TRY eating the damn burger with your hands. All you uptight people with your forks and your knives are driving us crazy.”

Berlin restaurant the-bird-da-birdhouse

“And for God’s sake don’t order your meat well done. Note: Burger eating does not require a fork and knife – It ruins the burger, violates several laws of nature and drives the cook nearly to the point of running amok with a hot spatula. We don’t provide big rolls of paper towel for nothing. Please pick it up and get it into you, it’s just better that way.”

With an attitude like that, I can’t wait to go to Berlin to see their work in person. It’s like traveling the world to visit museums, except in this case you get to eat the art!

Big Jud’s – Boise, Idaho

Time now to head to Boise, where Big Jud’s serves up monster burgers in the one pound and larger variety…

Their website lists 19 different burgers on the menu, plus another dozen chicken-and-other types of sandwiches. And in perfect “huge burger” style, they have a monster of a burger that has done some time on TV…

Meet The “Man Vs. Food” Burger – $22.99

This HUGE burger was featured on “Man Vs. Food”. Here is what they cooked up for Adam Richman: 2 x 1 lb patties, bacon, mushrooms, Swiss cheese and blue cheese on each layer, plus mayo lettuce and tomato, and a basket of Big Jud’s fries…enjoy!

The Sheboygan (via The Cheese & Burger)

Those crazy Wisconsin cheese makers are back with another entry from their terrific website….this time it’s a beef patty topped with Wisconsin cheese curds, a split bratwurst, sautéed onions, beer mustard, and sauerkraut on a Kaiser roll. Dig in!

Cheeseburger Eye Makeup!

Finally, Burger King in the Netherlands offered this up: an ad for cheeseburgers in the form of eye makeup…nothing more to see here, just enjoy it for the surreal nature of it!

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