Bacon Alarm Clocks! Bacon Wreaths! Amazing Bacon Recipes!

Wake Up!


No time to sleep in, there’s bacon to enjoy!

Due to the holiday, many people are concerned about “WOW-ing” their friends and family…no problem, make a bacon wreath!


Check this website out:

A simple, delicious and quick breakfast dish. Great for lazy Sunday mornings or afternoons.


1 can of croissants (8 count)
6 Large Eggs
A crap ton of shredded cheese. You can use whatever kinda of cheese you want. I used a 2 year old cheddar.

Final and most important ingredient: Bacon, bacon, and more bacon. You can’t put a limit on bacon. Cook it first, then add it to the recipe above, bake and enjoy!!!


Thanks to this terrific website, you can make your own Bacon Alarm Clock!


Just imagine waking up to the delicious smell of bacon and the sound of your personal “BAKON” (bacon baking alarm clock) oing oing oing!!!

With BAKON just place your frozen bacon the night before set up the alarm and go to bed to then wake up to a ready to eat delicious peace crispy of bacon.

There is your latest bacon news!

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