Prosperity Burgers! Bite Down Into A Fortune!

Double Prosperity Burgers

Double Prosperity Is Upon Us!

Time to celebrate prosperity! And what better way than to overload a burger with lots and lots and lots of meat! Well, that’s how they do it at McDonald’s in China! Let’s check out several new examples of big meaty burgers from China!

McDonalds Sausage Double Beef Burger

And it seems the newest burger craze in China involves double loading – meat and more meat – let’s jump on a plane and head to China to check it out!


McDonald’s Chinese Sausage Double Beef Burger!

McDonald’s China has released a sausage double beef burger! Talk about loading up on the protein! Let’s take a closer look at this meat monster….


McDonalds in China has released this monster sandwich – which is made with two sausages sitting proudly atop two beef patties, with just a drizzle of mustard and a bun. That’s all you need…check out the ad for this new burger airing in China:

McDonalds Sausage Double Beef Burger

Well, how can you argue with that ad? It’s all about unique flavors in China, as you can see by these “special” potato chip flavors:


That’s right – these unique chips are now available in China!

Hot And Sour Fish Soup Potato Chips!

If you want to see more of this crazy chinese food, check out my post here:

OK, time to head back between the buns for another unique menu item:

Holy Tamago!

tamago double mac at mcdonalds

Yep, the next time you go to Asia, you can utter these great words when you order your food:

And Don’t Forget To Hold The Tamago!


Yes, head to any McDonalds in Asia and order the “Tamago Double Mac!” This mighty burger contains two quarter pound patties, topped with a fried egg and bacon.

tamago-double-mac mcdonalds

Hard to argue with the honesty and integrity of this…and from integrity, let’s head to PROSPERITY!

mcdonalds double prosperity burger.jpg

The Double Prosperity Burger!

McDonalds menu

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, McDonalds Asia has introduced the Prosperity Burger (it is also sold in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and Singapore)…

mcdonalds double prosperity burgerjpg

So what exactly is a prosperity burger? Well, let’s get to it! The “Prosperity Burger” is an elongated beef or chicken patty coated in pepper sauce on a sesame seed bun. The chicken patty gets topped with shredded lettuce while the beef patty gets sprinkled with chopped onions.

McDonalds menu

Get McFizzy With It!

As with all McDonalds, you can order this as part of a value meal – so you will get a prosperity burger, an order of fries and the “Prosperity McFizz”! Yes, it’s a fizzy Minute Maid blend – all of this magic costs $7 SGD ($5.57 USD).

Double Prosperity Burgers

So this is what McDonald’s is up to in China…and across all of Asia – just another example of burgers marching to new heights around the world…enjoy!

mcdonalds double prosperity burgerjpg

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