The New “Bacon Cube Truffle Sauce Burger!”

Lotteria Japan Does It Again!

bacon cube burger japan

Time to congratulate the wacky Chefs at Japan’s Lotteria restaurant! The chain’s latest creation is the “Bacon Cube Deluxe Cheese Burger”! This masterpiece of bacon goodness sell for ¥490, $4.90 in US dollars! Here is what you get: a beef patty topped with two types of melted cheese, creamy truffle sauce, and cubes of bacon.

world's most unique burgers

As you can see, the Kotaku website got very excited to show off the bacon cubes! The website “A Hamburger Today” called them “pork croutons”…no matter what you call them, call them delicious looking!

bacon cube burger japan

If you feel the same, the new burger will be available at Lotteria locations starting November 29th, for a limited time.

Thanks to the website “A Hamburger Today” for the story, written by Erin Jackson – a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog On Twitter, she’s @ErinJax

And here is the entire story:

This is just the latest form the twisted minds at Lotteria!

lotteria ramen-burger

Remember that Lotteria has a great history of burger madness…like their “ramen burger!”

Japanese ramen burger

Check out the entire story here:

Speaking Of Noodles…

Lotteria also loved giving you a “spaghetti” burger…

japanese spaghetti burger

Read all about this one right here:

And of course, Lotteria gave us this:


Yep, read all about the “9-patty stack” by clicking here:

Keep up the good work Lotteria!

bacon cube burger japan

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