Dishwasher Lasagna! Cooking AND Cleaning!

Time To Wash Your Dirty Plates – And Make Some Salmon, Too!

I walked into my kitchen yesterday and saw this staring at me:

dishwasher salmon

Of course, after putting my eyes back into my head, I started to think:

Here’s A Kitchen Question For You!

Hey, quick question: when you use your dishwasher, do you ever set it to “lasagna”?

dishwasher lasagna

And even more importantly, when you have an important dinner party coming up, do you make sure that your salmon is perfectly prepared – by tossing it on a “rinse” cycle?

Dishwater Salmon

Welcome To The New World Of Culinary Wonder!

Imagine my surprise when I came across this: salmon being cooked “sous vide” style in a dishwasher!

dishwasher salmon

And guess what, this salmon isn’t alone! People are making all kinds of dinners in their dishwashers!

And it’s not even all that crazy… it’s a cooking method that involves putting your food in an environment that’s heated to somewhere between 160F and 300F…


Um, But Why A Dishwasher?

Why NOT!

A dishwasher gets up to more than 200 degrees, and it goes through several variations of how that heat’s applied, from the actual washing cycle to the drying cycle.

dishwasher cooking

Here is what it’s all about: when you cook in a dishwasher, you are cooking in “hot water” and hot, moist air, which approximates the “sous vide” method of cooking. So, your dishwasher has now become as important as your stove!

Delicious Dishwasher Salmon!

Time to get to the proof: let’s look at two dishes that are cooked inside a dishwasher!

First, Realsimple’s website has a great story about Chef Bob Blumer’s dishwasher salmon…all of the pics and instruction can be found by clicking HERE:

And to see this cooking method in action, the video can be seen here!

cooking salmon in a dishwasher

Well, I can now re-think how I’ve been making my salmon! And, if you are a fan of salmon, what about this!


Dishwasher Lasagna!

Yes, your dishwasher isn’t just for salmon anymore! “Wikihow” has posted a great tutorial on how to make your own lasagna – in your dishwasher!

dishwasher lasagna

Of course, imagine your dinner guests popping into the kitchen right as you are “checking on dinner!”

dishwasher lasagna

Mythbusters To The Rescue!

Yes, as funny as this all sounds, there really ARE people who think you can cook food in your dishwasher! And it bring up the logical question: “well, can you?”

mythbuster hosts

And of course, where there are questions, there are always answers! Food Host Alton Brown and the Mythbusters gang actually did just that – they cooked a lasagna in a dishwasher to see if it could really be done!

Unfortunately, the clips on YouTube have no audio, so if you want to see the Mythbusters guys do it, head over to the Discovery website…

But Natalie Has Audio!

I DID find a video by a chef named Natalie on youTube, and she seems to do a great job making it as well!

Check out the video:


Fine Dining Lovers Unite!

In fact, I found a terrific writeup on the benefits of cooking in a dishwasher at the website Finedininglovers….click the link to read all about how to cook in a dishwasher!

I hope you all decide to try and make a meal in your dishwasher. Just don’t forget to set it to “LASAGNA!”

Leave me a note and let me know if you’ve ever cooked this way before, and check out all of my posts at:

cooking in a dishwasher lasagna

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