Cheeseburger Chips! “Bacon Cat In Space”! Food Madness!

Taylors Refresher Cheeseburger closeup

Looks does, doesn’t it?

Well, now imagine if an enterprising company, know for making a lowly potato chip, came up with THIS!

Well, you can imagine how happy I would be! However, nobody is happier than this fellow:


Bacon Space Kitty!

Admit it, you love bacon! And kittens! And that’s what leads someone on the world wide web to post this picture – PROUDLY! And not only that – they are wearing it too!


Yes, with our famous “bacon space kitty” leading the way, it’s time to take a look at the latest “bacon love” that is showing up online!

Chicken Fried Bacon!

OK, when is bacon JUST NOT ENOUGH? Well, in this case, a clever Chef took bacon and chicken fried it…yes, this has been coated and fried…and look what someone else did to bacon:

Squeezable Bacon!

Yep, whenever you need some bacon – whether on a sandwich or just on top of a nice bowl of cornflakes, here is your answer…just squeeze it on and go!

Bacon Baklava!

How about this picture of Bacon Baklava, thanks to the “Occupy Bacon” website? It’s a tasty way to start the day….and top it off with some of these bacon chips:

France Offers Up Cheeseburger Chips!

My friends Karen and Bruce sent me this picture from France – of delicious looking Cheeseburger Chips!

I have to thank everyone who sends me bacon updates…it’s this kind of investigative reporting that keeps the world up to speed on the latest bacon news…

Bacon Wave!

Now you can make bacon even easier with this “bacon wave”, which allows you to microwave bacon without messing up a frying pan…nice…

Movie-Going Bacon!

And I love this: someone took the ad for the film “500 Days Of Summer” and turned it into a bacon lovers dream!

And finally, this is good advice: if you want bacon, just stick it between your teeth and BITE DOWN HARD!

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