Pepsi Cheetos? How About My “Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips” Scoop!!


Pepsi Cheetos!

Hey, look at this story from today’s USA Today, and I will tell you why I had this for you months ago…

“Q: What’s bright orange and fizzes?

A: Pepsi-flavored Cheetos, of course.

Huh? No, you can’t buy them in the USA — at least, not yet — but the weirdly flavored combo snack is now being sold in Japan, where almost no flavors are too wacky to mix and match. The snacks, which hit shelves in Japan last month, will be sold there only for a limited time, says Frito-Lay spokesman Jeff Dahncke.”

OK folks, this is why I troll the world wide web – to keep you AHEAD of the curve! Need proof? How about my post from LAST DECEMBER?

“Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips!”

world's wildest potato chip flavors

That’s right, it was last December that I shared the wacky “pepsi chicken potato chips” from China…and remember, I also shared THESE!

“Hot And Sour Fish Soup Potato Chips!”


That’s right, I took you around the world for the world’s wackiest potato chip flavors. Forget your news from USAToday – click below to get ALL the news that fit to print!

Pepsi Cheetos? Journalism 101!


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