Who Wants A “BIG” Breakfast? A Giant Fruit Loop Is Here!

A Single Giant Froot Loop for $19? A single serving of Kellog’s Froot Loops cereal clocks in at one and one-third cups, weighs 39 grams, and contains 150 calories, according to the nutrition facts printed on the side of the box. Though we’ve never actually counted how many loops are in that single serving, we […]

big breakfast. — I didn’t have my glasses on….

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3 replies

  1. Love it! I know a young man who would too… I wish I could get one for him he loves his fruit loops 🙂


  1. Monday Musings 19th December 2022…I went to space and….Silent Night(Acapello)…The Big Fruit Loop whose for a big breakfast? | Retired? No one told me!

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