Finger Cookies! Spider Cheeseballs! The WILDEST Halloween Treats You Can Make!

Happy Halloween! “Say Hello To All My Goodies!

Why do I love Halloween season so much? Well, because “anything goes” , and that includes Al Pacino – as Tony Montana _ scarfing up all of the trick-or-treat goodies he can!


I am going to share hilarious – and in some cases jaw-dropping – Halloween treats that you can make – yes, recipes to spice up your Halloween party!

Let’s start easy with these cute spider cheeseballs:

A nice blend of goat cheese with a hint of creme fraiche, roll into a ball and put on top of a cracker, with some ramen noodle legs!

Fun and easy to make…now, if you want more of a challenge, why not make this “Alien” cake?

A Chest-Bursting “Alien” Halloween Cake!

If you want to do “dinner and a movie”, why not watch “Alien” and feast on this chest-busting cake?

I love the creativity on display here, and found many other examples of this cake online as well!

Yes, someone had a mini-Alien bursting out of Macaroons too! I’d dig into a cake like this, wouldn’t you?

Or maybe you’d like to pass around some “finger food?”

“Severed Finger” Cookies!

Yep, there are a ton of recipes on line for these as well – it’s just basic cookie dough formed to look like fingers, with lines etched to show age…and those are whole almonds embedded into the top like a fingernail!

Oh, some were very colorfully decorated too!

These cookies are perhaps even too creepy for me to eat – but there are other cookies that are even worse!

How about these “Band-Aid Cookies”?

Image credits: Katherine Maries

Yes, those are edible cookies that look like bloody band-aids, but they are really graham crackers with a square of frosting and some strawberry jam dabbed on…who’s hungry?

Regardless of how they look, these are all incredible creative achievements, like these sculpted watermelons:

Image credits: Dimitri Tsykalov

What artistry! I love the creativity that went into creating these incredible works of Halloween art!

The fantastic website “” has so many of these, like these cute little ghost cookies:

Check out the entire story they posted, with dozens of creepy holiday treats and how to make them:

One more, perhaps for the Doctor in your life:

Image credits:

Talk about seeing your patient in the flesh! Those are two racks of smoked ribs and a long smoked sausage at the bottom!

Of course, if you REALLY want to show off at your party:

Serve Guacamole!

To me this is funny: your normal carved pumpkin and some fresh Guacamole – I’m sure your guests would love it!

And since it’s that time of year, I bet they’d love this too:

“Pumpkin Spice Spam!”

Yes, it may sound horrific, but I have two things to tell you: first – it’s real!

Second, I have one!

And I cooked with it! I made a “Pumpkin Spice Spam And Cheese Bread” – and I you click here you can see how it turned out!

Not only that, but you can dress like food for Halloween as well!

“Show me?” Sure!

Yes, I have a bunch of great “food-themed” Halloween costumes for kids of all ages! Click here to see a “Taco Baby” and “Egg Dog!”

OK, let’s finish with a hot hot hot video – roll em!

Yes, why not end our discussion with a flaming table side presentation..see where we got it by clicking on my story here:

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Leave a message with your favorite Halloween recipe!

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  2. Hi John, these are such super Halloween treats. I love the fingers and the ghostly meringues.


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