Monday Musings – Halloween Food Fun!

Good Morning…and welcome to Monday Musings… it’s Halloween… Happy Halloween to all who celebrate Halloween…I was never raised to celebrate Halloween although when my children were young the trick or treating found its way over the water…but we never celebrated to the extent that Halloween is celebrated elsewhere in the world… I wonder if these […]

Monday Musings…31st October 2022…Halloween… — Retired? No one told me!

Carol was nice enough to share this story of mine – some of the wildest halloween treats to give out!

Happy Halloween!

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2 replies

  1. A great share, John. I’m going over to visit Carol.

  2. Thank you for sharing, John…those little spiders have been a great hit with some of my readers 🙂 they really are cute if that is word you use to describe a spider, lol

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