SliderFest 2022! The Best Labor Day Burger Recipes Are Here!

wackiest burgers

Talk About Excited To Eat!

This guy really loves his burgers! And who doesn’t?

Here in the US, it’s Labor Day – so why not put some work into grilling up these incredible burgers?

Chicago's best cheeseburger

It’s “SliderFest 2022!

Time for more slider recipes – and for those who are wondering: yes, I am making a grill full of them myself today for friends!

world's biggest burger

Study this chart: it’s a beautiful thing. But big massive burgers aren’t the point right now – sliders are three bites – you enjoy one, and then you try another – a different flavor…with sliders you can go around the world in your mouth!

fry slider

My Favorite Slider Of All Time!

OK, I admit it: I LOVE making this slider: it’s a hamburger patty topped with cheese, french fries and tartar sauce…I make them all the time and I’m not ashamed. But now I have another reason to try some new sliders – and I want to share all of them with you!

ultimate sriracha burger

“It’s All About The Topping!”

The key to a great slider is what goes ON the meat! Whether it’s cheese, spices or sauces, it is all about what adds a unique flavor to the basic hamburger patty. As for the bun, I make sliders by using small dinner rolls, but there are many specialty stores that carry slider buns as well.

best cheeseburger in the world

Your basic hamburger uses good quality ground beef with at least 15% fat content, to ensure lots of juicy flavor. I put minced onion in as well, and I use minced garlic as well. I also like to use a fun salt – like pink Hawaiian sea salt, and a fair amount of pepper.

hamburger slider

That’s it for me – upon this temple of meat, these slider recipes add unique ingredients that give them a special flavor or crunch….

blue cheese slider

Mai Oui? Why Not, It’s Your Burger! The French Slider!

Here’s a great slider from France. The definition of a French slider is blue cheese, and blue cheese ONLY – take your regular hamburger, and fold in crumbled blue cheese into the meat before you grill.

As you see, pics on the internet also show that you can top the burger with a chunk of blue cheese and add grilled onions underneath!


Score! If you want to go crazy you can wipe a smear of foie gras on the bun as well, but I don’t add anything else!


Get Your Truffle On!

A new slider this year will add truffle mayonnaise and sautéed mushrooms to a slider…we’ll see how it turns out but how can it NOT work?


Late Night Snack In Barcelona – The Spanish Slider! – Hamburguesa!

Time to head to Spain for this slider recipe. Spanish flavors take this slider to a whole new level – as always, start with your traditional hamburger patty. The key here are the condiments.

The topping here is an olive tapenade, that gets spread on top of the cooked slider – you can find recipes for making tapendade, or you can buy it in a jar, but it includes black olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice – cook the burger first, and after you turn it add a slice of Manchego cheese and Jamón – Iberico ham – prosciutto-like ham!

Spanish burger recipe

Let the cheese melt as the burger cooks and the ham warms up…Take a bite and you will wake up in Barcelona!

30000 calorie burger

The All-American Bacon-Cheeseburger Slider!

What can I say? Here is a burger that never fails to satisfy. Just toast the bun, cook the burger, add the cheese, let it melt, put it on the bun with some or ALL of the added ingredients, and you are set!

Top Bun
Cheese – melted and dripping
Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!
Slider Patty
Mayonaise, mayonaise, mayonaise!
Bottom BunSee that? DO NOT DEVIATE – this is perfection.

Australian hamburger recipe

G’Day Mate! The Perfect Australian Sliders!

I tried to cut back on this recipe, but heard from several folks that it’s a favorite! An Aussie slider is just like ours, with two key differences. They add a slice of beetroot – OK, we call it beet, they call it beetroot – underneath the burger. It adds a great, slightly sweet and nutty flavor to the taste.

sliced beet recipes

Everything else is the same – add cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce if you like – and if you want to go totally Aussie, take the second step to complete fulfillment – add a fried egg on top….the best!

Of course, if you need to get out, why not go to Hackensack New Jersey for this incredible burger?

Click here to see how it’s made!

White Castle Sliders

White Castle Breakfast Sliders!

And if you want to have a slider in the morning, just take a White Castle slider and add an egg! Check it out here:

I also love this recipe – a cheeseburger with the cheese on the outside!

This is as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Here’s the recipe – and 4 others you need to try as well – just click here:

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  1. Wow, John, they are some burgers…I like the sliders those little one-mouthful ones if I am having a burger and that way you can taste different ones 🙂

  2. Hi John, lots of variety here with burgers. That last picture is interesting with the numerous slender hamburger patties.

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