Seattle Celebrates Burger Month! Lunchbox Lab! Dick’s Drive-In!

Time to continue May’s monthlong celebration of national burger month – with my two favorite burgers from Seattle – we begin with my darling Granddaughter Sydney getting her hands on a Dick’s Drive-In cheeseburger for the first time!

Sydney and her Dicks drive-in bag

sydney with cheeseburger

When are you old enough to enjoy a Seattle classic? When you have a strong enough grip to grab the bag!

Dicks Sign

Welcome To Dick’s!

“Dick’s Drive-In” is an institution in Seattle, and rightly so: their straightforward and very limited menu offers hamburgers, cheeseburgers, a “deluxe” , and their signature “Dick’s Deluxe”, which is two patties, lettuce and a special pickle sauce…

Seattle's best burgers

Nothing fancy here, just good flavorful burgers at an inexpensive price…like their cheeseburger, which has great flavor – you can taste the meat, and the cheese is real and delicious…

best Cheeseburgers

Dick’s also has terrific french fries, made out of fresh potatoes cut right in front of you! And they are delicious!

best french fries

I also love their signature painted cow – which hangs behind big picture windows – so you can watch them cook…and of course, I love their famous catchphrase:

“Where taste is the difference…”

Dick's cow sign

Dicks Hamburger Stand

Most people sit in their car outside and eat their “bag of Dick’s” – it was a Seattle tradition…

Dicks In A Bag

“Dick’s Drive-In” is so iconic in Seattle that there is a restaurant that pays homage to them in the most delicious way possible!


Welcome To Seattle’s Lunchbox Laboratory!

Yes, that is an “homage” to the “Dick’s Deluxe”, thanks to the inventive minds at “The Lunchbox Laboratory!”

Lunchbox Laboratory Seattle

I was lucky enough to enter the lab with my daughter Jessica, her husband Mike and my beautiful 6-month old grand-daughter Sydney, who seemed impressed yet not intimidated by the laboratory…

Sydney at Lunchbox

The restaurant, located on south Lake Union, loves to experiment with burgers…when you enter you are greeted by a sign with their latest “experiments”…

Seattle Lunchbox Laboratory

The restaurant is designed to spark memories of childhood – lunch boxes are everywhere…

Seattle's Lunchbox Lab

Mike got the “Hothead” burger, which sent him into mouth spasms as the pepper jack cheese was joined by a fiery jalapeño ranch sauce!

hottest burger recipes

And of course he got the nitro ketchup as well! This is one “hot” bite of food!

world's hottest burgers

That left so many options for me…there are a number of great burgers to choose from, but I had to go back to their “homage…”

Dick's Deluxe burger

“The Lunchbox Lab Homage To The Dick’s Deluxe” takes the simplicity of the Dick’s burger and supersizes it, while still paying respect to the distinct and crisp flavors of the original…as you can see, it’s a delicious bite!

Lunchbox Laboratory

Every burger comes with a wide array of side dishes, like fries, onion rings, a couple of differnt “mac-and-cheese” dishes, including oven fries, and my favorite, Tater Tots!

Tater Tot recipes

In keeping with the “nostalgia” aspect of they business, they also serve various flavors of “Kool-Aid!” By this time as you can see in the photo, Sydney was exhausted and needed a quick nap…

lunchbox laboratory kool aid

The Lunchbox Laboratory serves us great burgers, fun side dishes, unique drinks and a colorful atmosphere. They also serve a wide variety of seasonings, which you can use on your burgers, fries, or anything!

best seasonings

And it all leads to my favorite burger pic of the day – this shot of my “homage” – what a great burger!

best burger pictures

“Behold The Dork!”

I have posted about the Lab before, but had never eaten there before this – I was just impressed by what I saw online with “The Dork!”


Read all about “The Dork” by clicking here:

And as you can see, my grand-daughter Sydney had a great time as well!

JR and Sydney

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