Giant Cheeseburgers The Size Of People! Monster Burger Mania!

It’s that time of day….time to ask a question:

“Who’s Hungry For A Delicious Hamburger?”

best burger blogs

The answer should be: “everyone!”

If you crave a good burger – like I crave a good burger – then this post is for you – because in a world full of judgment, sometimes BIGGER IS BETTER!

Triple Triple Burger recipe

That’s A Good Looking Triple Triple!

Yes, I have shared the “triple triple” with you before, a beautifully realized tower of cheeseburger architecture. I am also a big fan of this:

Tokyo’s Tower To Heaven!

tokyo tower burger

If for any reason you missed this story, then you MUST click on the link below and read it now. Only Japan could have the imagination necessary to build a burger tower that goes:


Read all about the majesty of this “heavenly burger” by clicking here:

Did you click that story? Good, as your reward, I have some additional fun burger stuff to share…because bigger is better, right?

world's best burgers

I would like to apologize to vegans right here and now, because this is the kind of stuff that is so tasty, so fun, and, well:


giant patty mega burger

Yes, there is something special about a burger tower…perilously stacked hamburger patties, held together in an amazingly gooey manner by pounds of American cheese…it’s art really, but what I really love are the pictures you can find online of the world’s BIGGEST burgers – and the people who pose next to them!

world's Largest Burger

The “monster burger” you see above you weighs in at 777 pounds! Not bad at all…and it is just the tip of the “big burger iceberg”…I found pictures of supersized burgers, the Chefs who made them, the servers who delivered them to your table, and most of all, the people who gazed upon them!

kids with world's largest burger

It may be a trio of “inspired” children who look upon the majesty of the mega-burger…or perhaps it’s a young Chef who is impressed with the weight of their own work…

world's largest burger scale

“But How Do We REALLY Know How Big It Is?”

That is a valid question, and easily answered: because you set a small child next to it!


The best “mega burgers” offer up both girth AND height, like the one you see below. It’s great to see a burger that is so big you can put the top bun on without ever having to lean over!

large cheeseburger

Taking Some Buddies To Dinner?

If you’ve got some fraternity brothers over for a visit, then let this burger take care of your needs…

largest cheeseburger in the world

More Kids, Please!

And yes, there is a never-ending parade of mega burgers vs. small children, as the internet runneth over with pictures of little kids standing beside the latest in a long line of “world’s largest burgers…”


“Sit Up Straight For The Camera, Janie…”

And what better way to reinforce the size and scale of a burger than to put several children around it, and then plop one kid RIGHT ON TOP OF IT:

supersized cheeseburgers

I also love a burger that is SO BIG, SO LADEN WITH TOPPINGS, and just, frankly SO SO MUCH, that you need three people – two of them hooded – to lift it!


FYI, the burger you see above you weighed in at 105 pounds – talk about a Big Mac!

And there is nothing better than seeing a satisfied Chef giving himself a high five for a burger job well done!

world's largest cheeseburger

I have posted many times about the latest “World’s biggest burger”, but those records fall faster than I can keep track – let’s just say that, for now, this is the biggest one that I uncovered online:

food porn world's largest hamburger

Yes, this burger weighed in at 2,014 pounds of fun – I’m sure someone will top it soon, so let the competition continue! As for me, I’m satisfied with one that is as perfectly realized as this one from Taylor’s Refresher in St Helena California – enjoy!

Taylors Refresher Napa

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