“Undead Gaffigan!” World’s Great Bloody Mary! Amazing Meat-Cheese Madness!

Hungry? Bite Down On THIS!

World's tallest burgers

Need A Drink? How About A Refreshingly Light Bloody Mary?

Let’s begin this “meat and cheese madness”

crazy bloody mary recipes

Personally, I love any drink that also covers your appetizers, main course and dessert! What a wild bloody Mary this is, and it’s just the beginning of my latest roll through the world of wild wild burgers!

photobombed burger

Here is what I love about this burger – stuffed to the gills with meat and cheese, with some photo bombing fries alongside! And there’s more!

world's wildest burger

The “Bonger” Burger!

Thanks to “This Is Why You’re Huge” website, you can enjoy the “Bonger!” It’s a delicious blend of heritage beef burger, topped with a hunk of asian braised pork belly and finished off with a spicy kimchi. Add a big slug of Korean Soju and you are set!

sexy korean model

Comedian’s Burger Kills Zombies!

And leave it to the brilliant website “A Hamburger Today” to find this masterpiece:

World's tallest burgers

Here is how “AHT” describes this amazing pile of meat: “In honor of Jim Gaffigan’s sold-out performance in Des Moines today, Zombie Burger is rolling out a new burger called the “Undead Gaffigan.” The burger is a collaboration with the comedian, who visited visited the restaurant in 2012.”

And they are clearly:

comedian Jim Gaffigan

Between two thick slices of grilled Texas toast, it features up to five patties (one for each of the comedian’s children), cheddar cheese, bacon, baconnaise, and fried jalapeños—an ingredient that Gaffigan requested because he is a “hot Latina”. The burger starts at $8.49 for a single. With five quarter-pound patties, it’s $16.49.”

Zombie burger

All I can say is, “yes please!”

And Here’s A BIG Hello To ‘5 GUYS!”

world's best burgers

I’m very proud of the fact that, when you do a google search of “wildest burgers”, MY picture of my “5 Guys” burger shows up – and rightly so! Look at that baby! Oh, and look at this one too…

world's wildest burger

And you can read the entire post by clicking here!


And who can ever forget this masterpiece of “meat and bun”:

World's Wildest Sandwiches


I don’t think there can EVER been “too much” when it comes to burgers….but there may be “too much fun with a topping”:


Time to bite down hard!

And just in case you want to get your daily allowance of calories, here’s a burger that will give you 30,000 reasons to love it:

30000 calorie burger

Let me know which one you like best!

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