World’s Most Unique Sandwiches! Join Elvis As He Bites Down Hard!

Elvis Is Hungry!

Elvis Presley eating a cheeseburger

Elvis loved a good meal, we all know that. He would have loved this one: imagine how the King would have felt to see all of his favorite things on one plate! Yes, it tops the list for the world’s ten most creative sandwiches!


bacon peanut butter and banana

Yes, it’s a “peanut butter – bacon – banana” sandwich, but in this case, the bacon is the bread! These are all of Elvis’s favorite things, and now they are all in one great bite! The bacon is weaved to hold a thick slab of banana and creamy peanut butter – all of your important food groups on one plate!

Here are NINE MORE wacky sandwiches from the world of food:


Badhappy Poutine in Chicago offers this doozy: it’s a cheeseburger mashup – a unique burger than also has all of the elements of a great sandwich – but SO MUCH MORE!

John Rieber Frosted Flake Chicken Sandwich

What I’m holding is a cheeseburger that is topped with FRIED CHICKEN – and then topped again with Gorgonzola, Chili Pepper-Maple Glaze, Sunny egg, Creole Mayo, House Pickles, HappySauce, and finally:


Frosted Flake Chicken Sandwich

So next time you can’t decide whether to have a burger or a chicken sandwich, just head to Badhappy and have both – and get your favorite breakfast cereal as well!

Now, to get an early start on Father’s Day:



OK, this one is really creative: someone wanted to honor their dad, so they created a tie-shaped torpedo sandwich! Stuffed with grilled steak, Swiss, cheddar and fried onions, you can eat it or wear it – or both!


World's Wildest Sandwiches

Time to head to Nathan’s Real Barbecue, located in Safford, Ariz. in order to try their “Quadzilla Sandwich!”

Consisting of “a quarter-pound rib sandwich on top, four third-pound burger patties, eight strips of thick bacon, four slices of extra thick Pepper Jack cheese, pickles, onions and a TON of barbecue sauce,” this is what The Who once called “Meaty beaty big and bouncy!”

Too much? Sometimes the most unique is also the simplest!


french fry sandwich

The English have a reputation for restraint. Well, they’ve proved it here: the “Chip Butty” is just that!

Just steak fries on bread, with either ketchup or brown sauce. This is for those of you who REALLY want to carbo-load….and if it’s a bit unwieldy, try this on for size:



Yes, you can bite your own thumb off first, or go right for the pinky. Either way, you’ve got a “handful” of great taste! Put whatever you want between those mitts…like perhaps 7-8 pounds of meat like this one?

#4 – The MELO!

The Melo

Time to head to the world famous Carnegie Deli, New York City!

Carnegie Deli pays homage to NY Knicks basketball player Carmelo Anthony, with the towering meat orgy aptly named “The Melo”.

wacky sandwiches

Pile It ON, Anthony!

How much is too much? Well, the $22 sandwich features pastrami, corned beef, salami, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing, all on several slices of rye. The weight? More than three pounds and counting!

Now, what if you want to engage your mind as well as your palate?


world's craziest sandwich

This is easy to explain: it’s meat and cheese. Arrange them all the same way, or just eat it and let your stomach work out the rest! A brain and palate teaser in one!

Rubik's Cube Sandwich

Of course, sometimes a sandwich just isn’t a meal unless it includes something that will offend most people – with that in mind, time to head to China!


donkey burger
china donkey burger

Yes, there is a popular street cart food in Beijing consisting of donkey meat, often with some lettuce or peppers on crispy bread called Huoshao. In Hebei province, they sometimes say,

“In Heaven there is dragon meat, on Earth there is donkey meat.”

I can only imagine…and finally, here’s one in which you HAVE to imagine, since it’s a:


surprise sandwich

OK, let’s get started! A nice loaf of bread – I am already getting hungry just thinking about what to do with it…oh wait, someone beat me to it!

world's craziest sandwich


OK, you got me – I don’t have to do a thing! You see, the bread has been baked AROUND the sandwich, so just cut into it to find out exactly what you will be eating – which, in this case, is apparently a TON of meat and cheese!

wacky sandwiches

I love getting a surprise, but I’m not alone…


real turtle-burger

OK, the idea of a unique sandwich has gone too far! A man tried to smuggle his pet turtle through security in China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport by hiding it in a KFC hamburger!

The incident occurred when a man was about to board China Southern Airlines flight 345 to Beijing, Guangzhou Daily reported. X-ray screening machines detected a few “odd protrusions” sticking out of a KFC burger that the man had packed in his bag.

Airport staff determined that the protrusions looked suspiciously like turtle limbs, and asked to inspect the passenger’s luggage.

“There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” he reportedly insisted. “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

turtle-burger sandwich

Well, airport staff uncovered the pet turtle hidden inside the burger. When asked why he had devised this strange idea, the suspect said that he had only wanted to travel together with his “beloved” turtle!

How can you argue with that? Well, argue away by leaving a comment below!

John Rieber Frosted Flake Chicken Sandwich

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